Republic of Bernada

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Republic of Bernada
베르나다 공화국 (KR)
Coat of Arms

The Fruit of Struggle


Capital and largest cityAttoria
Official languageEnglish
Other recognized languagesKorean

Governmentde jure Unitary republic under multi-party parliamentary democracy.
de facto Benevolent autocracy under provisional government
- President - Daniel Lee
- Vice-President of Bernada - None(Vacant)

LegislatureFederal Council of Danatia

Free Democratic Republic of Sezentrania formedOctober 27, 2017
Declaration of IndependenceTBA

Land area0.2 sq. km (2017 estimate)
Population8 (2017)
Population density40 people per sq. km
Time zoneAttoria, Inglind (UTC+9:00)

This nation is a member of the Union Against Micronational War and Federation of (Future Referendum Majority).

The First Republic of Bernada, or simply Bernada, was a self-declared sovereign nation, or a micronation in Seoul, South Korea's capital city. It was populated by 10 people in its final census.


'Bernada' is from an imaginary Caribbean island country that Lee created. The name Bernada was based on the real island country Grenada.


The Seoul region in which Bernada was located was a highly valuable, important, and a sought for area in South Korean history, as it was the capital of Baekje, Joseon, and current South Korea. Daniel Lee, a Korean elementary student, moved here and began creating micronations after his discovery of Sealand and Austenasia. In late October 2017 he decided to make his own micronation himself. He decided to call it Sezentrania and began writing the constitution. He then decided to change the name to Bernada. However, in March 2018, the republic's leader, Daniel Lee, was involved in the Andanian legitimacy scandal, where he decided to dissolve the republic.



Bernadian democracy is a direct democracy indicated by the constitution. The president is elected by a popular vote every six months. The president is the head of state and government, and appoints a vice president, who is the president's official speaker, and becomes the president if the president leaves office by impeachment, death, or resigns. The president also appoints the Ministers of Culture and Leisure, Finances, Home and Demographics, and Foreign Affairs, and Security and Safety. The president is the head of the State and Government.

Foreign Relations

Unilateral recognization

Formal recognization

Bernada doesn't recognize

Any other entity not mentioned

Administrative Divisions


Districts are first-level administrative divisions of Bernada. They are dependent in terms of the judiciary and legislative branches, but the executive branch is half-autonomous. The governors of the districts represent the district in the Federal Council.

Picture Name Annexed Population Governor
Attoria.png Attoria 1/12/2017 3 Daniel Lee
Inglind.png G'Mistem of Inglind 1/12/2017(as Protected state), 11/12/2017(as G'Mistem) 1 M'Master Eric Lee of Inglind
Noflag.png Unincorporated N/A 4 N/A


Bernada has a unique culture, which it is very similar to Korean culture, due to its location within South Korea. Fish and vegetables are common ingredients in Bernadian cooking. The Bernadian dialect, which is a mix of Korean and English, is often used in the country. Inglind has 4 "toy townships", none recognized officially by the Bernadian government.