History of Bernada

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Early History

Bernada was part of many countries, and was a highly sought-for and important historic regions in South Korea and the Korean culture. The area is known to be first inhabited around the 4th century, BC as a part of Gojoseon, an ancient Korean nation. A few centuries later the region was occupied by the Samguk, or the three kingdoms of Korea; Goguryeo, Silla, and Baekje. Many wars had happened around this time period fighting for the Seoul/Han River region. By then, Silla had unified the three Korean kingdoms and had become the peninsular power. After the collapse of a unified Silla, the area was occupied by Taebong, or Late Goguryeo, claiming to be the descendants of the Goguryeo nation. This time period was known as the Later Three Kingdoms. Goryeo unified these three kingdoms and became the peninsular superpower, trading with Song China and Arabian merchants. The rise of Goryeo had came to an end with Mongolian forces invading Goryeo. Goryeo hadn't gone extinct, but weaker. The Joseon dynasty was the last monarchy on Korea, founded by Yi Seong-Gye. Joseon had come to an end with Imperial Japan colonizing Korea. This area was then known as Gyeongsung.

Modern History

By 1945 Korea had gained independence from Japan, but soon in 1950, the Korean War had happened and Korea was divided into a communist North, and a capitalist South. Seoul is currently the capital of South Korea.

Micronational History

Daniel Lee is a Korean elementary school student living in the United States. He returned to Seoul, South Korea after 3 years in the US. Lee was always interested in creating a nation, but those "nations" were mostly Lego kingdoms inside his room. Lee moved to a apartment just a few blocks away. That summer vacation, Lee had gone to Vietnam and Cambodia, and gained interest in politics, and democracy. Lee had then read about Sealand. He decided to create a micronation of his own. The first micronation he built was the Kingdom of Granlaegs, later renamed Charn. Granlaegs had developed its own culture and language, with toys, such as Legos and dolls he had remaining from his childhood. Lee was crowned King of Charn, with León Grenadari, a clownfish doll, as Prime Minister. He had plans to introduce this nation to the MicroWiki community, but it collapsed due to Daniel wanting a real micronation with humans, and internal instability.

Start of Bernada

Lee had decided to let his room be annexed by Occitania. But only after a week, his mind had changed. He created an independent republic, the Free Democratic Republic of Sezentrania, which led to the Sezentrania Crisis. He came to an agreement with Babou Chkaya, president of Occitania, where he would let Occitania an honorary piano which is the current territory of the Occitanian Sezentrania. Lee then began going into diplomatic relations with other nations. The Kingdom of Ourania was the first nation the leaders had come into formal recognition. He then set up foreign relations with the Irevan Republic and the Popular Union of Occitania. That day, Lee also annexed his grandparents' house in Boseong, as he claimed it was part of Charn, which was the predecessor state of Bernada. Today Bernada is still writing its constitution.