Federal Commonwealth of Palasia

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State of Palasia

2012 — present


Forward for the Empire
- God Save the Emperor
Palasia is landlocked by the United Kingdom
Capital citySalzburg
Largest cityCarinthia
Official language(s)English, German
Official religion(s)Roman Catholicism
Short namePalasia
GovernmentFederal Republic with Socialism
- PresidentJohn Gordon
- Vice-PresidentAdam Borrer
LegislatureRoyal Legislative
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 3
- Last election - 25th August 2012
Established17th February 2012
CurrencyPalasian Yen (¥)
Time zoneGMT
National dishPrawn Toast
National drinkCinnemon Coffee
National animalBison


Palasia, officially the Federal Commonwealth of Palasia, is a micronation within the British Isles, entirely landlocked by the United Kingdom. It was founded in July of 2012 after its predecessor, Firdanor, dissolved due to its instability. It is a Federal Monarchy ruled by the House of Pavlov-Contiénne.The Federal Commonwealth of Palasia is a "Sixth World" micronation with a score of 7 (including Honorary Subjects) under the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System.



The Land before claimed by Palasia it was part of a housing estate called Abbey Estate in which the now palasia stands, following a dispute with the Local Government,we decided to declare independance.

Dad's Army

The external scenes for the BBC1 TV series Dad's Army were filmed in and around the town with Thetford's (in which Palasia is situated, macronationaly) flint buildings doubling for Walmington-on-Sea.

Emperor of Palasia
Deniz II of Pavlov

Style His Imperial Majesty
Heir presumptive Victoria I of Palasia
First monarch Francis I
Formation 21 November 2012


Nationalflagantarctica.png Protectorate of Warzarctica

The Antarctica Territories is a protectorate of the Commonwealth and is ruled by Deniz II as head of state, A Governor exists only to administer the state but other than that the Emperor has all dutys pertaining to Internal Affairs.


Although Palasia is primarily a East Anglia micronation it does have claims in Europe, they have a degree of autonomy within the Commonwealth but the Legistlation has to approve of laws.

Noflag.png Duchy of Vocklaburck

Foreign relations

Palasia has a wide range within its foreign policy that allows the diplomacy with micronations of diverse origins or political background, of which was limited with former incarnations of the current Nation.

Mutual recognition

FedRep Domanglia Flag.png Over Lorrokah Republlic - Downgraded 21 November 2012

Relations of Special Interest

FlagofSandus.png State of Sandus - Upgraded on 9 November 2012


Palasia has many indigenous tribes within its Borders, they are administered by the Federal Administration for the Welfare of Tribes.

Tribes tend to have small scuffles over land but the Government is quick to respond in these events.

Armed Forces of Palasia

  • Palasian Army

The Palasian Armed Forces is the main defense force for the Commonwealth and will defend it against all threats, its roles are also for ceremonial purposes.

Commander in Chief - Emperor Deniz II