2013 Toronto Summit

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2013 Toronto Summit

Hands holding the flag of Gishabrun SAR in Queens Park, Toronto.
Date 29 August 2013
Site Toronto, Canada
Kravat Oblast, Gishabrun SAR, Renasia
Previous summit 2013 Intermicronational Summit
Next summit Midsummer Micronational Meeting 2014

The 2013 Toronto Summit, also known as the East Coast Summit, was a summit of micronationalists that took place in Toronto, Canada, on 29 August 2013.


Summits in North America had been planned for many years, but none had ever materialised. A meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was planned for August 2011, but was later postponed, and then finally cancelled.

Organising the summit

Barnaby Hands, the President of Senya had noted in the summer of 2012 that he was planning a trip to either Europe or North America in the summer of 2013. Although talks of these died down, in January 2013 he was contacted by his Uncle in Canada, asking him if he wanted to visit. Hands informed President Joseph Puglisi of Tiana, Senya's biggest ally, of a possible meeting in June or July 2013. The invitation was soon extended to Chancellor Kuri Kabanov of Renasia, who confirmed his eligibility to participate. Kabanov also confirmed the attendance of Sovetus, Renasia's Vice Chancellor. It was then decided to hold a summit in Toronto. Although the meeting was penciled in the diary for 21 July 2013, the summit was put back to August due to unforeseen events.

Shortly before the summit, Sovetus and Puglisi had to cancel their attendance. As a result, the summit was rebranded as a diplomatic mission between Senya and Renasia.


The people who attended this summit were:

Flag Nation Delegation Details
Renasia Erephisia Free State of Renasia and Technological Federation of Erephisia Kuri Kabanov Co-organiser
Senya Democratic Environmental Society of Senya Barnaby Hands Co-organiser


Renasia's Chancellor, Kuri Kabanov, hosted the event. It began in Queen’s Park in downtown Toronto about 40 minutes late, due to transportation issues and a mis-understanding of where the two parties were due to meet. However, the meeting began, with photographs being taken in front of the Ontario Legislative Assembly, with treaties between Senya and Renasia and Senya and Erephisia (of which Kabanov was also President). This was the first time Senya and Erephisia signed diplomatic papers with each other, despite co-founding the League of 10 in 2011 and being long-standing allies.

Following this, Kabanov and Hands took first the subway and then the bus to a park viewing Wild Isle Krai, an uninhabited outpost of Renasia. The two then proceeded to the royal residence of Kabanov at Kravat Oblast, where they viewed the Gishabruni Library and samples of various rocks and money. They then participated in an old Gishabruni game, which Hands won, before examining several micronational documents from the period 2009-10. Kabanov then gave Hands a tour of Gishabrun, in which several policies were discussed, including environmental sustainability.

After spending several hours in Gishabrun, Hands departed, with his final note being the idea of registering a micronation as a charity, which Kabanov called a “really good idea”.[1]