2013 Toronto Summit

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2013 Toronto Summit
Theme: TBA
Status Planning
Date 29 August 2013
Site Toronto, Canada
Previous summit 2013 Intermicronational Summit
Next summit Midsummer Micronational Meeting 2014

The 2013 Toronto Summit, also known as the East Coast Summit, was a summit of micronationalists that took place in Toronto, Canada, on 29 August 2013.


Summits in North America had been planned for many years, but none had ever materialised. A meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was planned for August 2011, but was later postponed, and then finally cancelled.

Organising the summit

Barnaby Hands, the president of Senya had noted in the summer of 2012 that he was planning a trip to either Europe or North America in the summer of 2013. Although talks of these died down, in January 2013 he was contacted by his Uncle in Canada, asking him if he wanted to visit. Hands informed Joseph Puglisi of Tiana, Senya's biggest ally, of a possible meeting in June or July 2013. The invitation was soon extended to Kuri Kabanov, who confirmed his eligibility to participate. It was then decided to hold a summit in Toronto. Although the meeting was penciled in the diary for 21 July 2013, the summit was put back to August due to unforeseen events.


The people who have signified serious interest to attend are:

Flag Nation Delegation Details
Renasia Free State of Renasia Kuri Kabanov Co-organiser
Senya Democratic Environmental Society of Senya Barnaby Hands Co-organiser
Tiana Republic of Tiana Joseph Puglisi Co-organiser