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The history of the MicroWiki Community started with the creation of MicroWiki by the user Monsterfurby on the free wikifarm Wikia.[1] Initially created at micronations.wikia.com (now known as MicroWikia), the wiki has since grown to encompass over nine thousand articles and the community surrounding it has also grown considerably since.

MicroWiki URLs:

  • 27 May 2005 - 17 Nov 2010: micronations.wikia.com
  • 17 Nov 2010 - 7 Nov 2013: microwiki.org.uk
  • 7 Nov 2013 - 20 Oct 2016: micronation.org
  • 20 Oct 2016 - present: micronations.wiki

Site owners:

Era Periods Duration Description
Start date End date
Foundation 6 27 May 2005 29 January 2009 The founding of MicroWiki, and the early nations of the wiki.
Conflict 3 29 January 2009 2 August 2009 An intense era of conflict dominated by military powers of the wiki.
Peaceful 1 2 August 2009 13 January 2010 An era of relative peace resulting from Lethlerist hegemony.
Late Lethlerism 3 13 January 2010 30 July 2010 Diplomatic tension grows as Lethler's influence over the community declines.
Post-Lethler 2 30 July 2010 26 February 2011 The community adapts to the departure of Robert Lethler and the move to the org.uk site.
Tension 2 26 February 2011 6 September 2011 Tension between various factions of the community, and the rise of Yabloko.
Inter-Summit 3 6 September 2011 13 July 2012 A decrease in overall tensions and conflict in the community, the return of the GUM and the fall of Yabloko and the OAM.
Settled 4 13 July 2012 28 July 2014 A mostly quiet era dominated by the left-wing, with few major disruptions but declining levels of diplomatic interaction. The community moves to micronation.org, which is sold to the current owner Emperor Jonathan I.
Modern 6 28 July 2014 Present The current era. Tensions rise as the community is split along lines between the left- and right- wings and between newcomers and older users of the site, which changes domain name again in October 2016.

Foundation Era

Period Start date End date Leaders
Monsterfurby 27 May 2005 June 2005 Fabian Maximilian Schneider
The earliest period of MicroWiki, dominated by the wiki's founder, Fabian Maximilian Schneider, also known as Monsterfurby, the leader of the Sovereign Principality of Seraya. MicroWiki was created on 27 May 2005 and was intended as "a database of micronations, small nations, created for various purposes, that simulate the proceedings of a real country."
Dry June 2005 18 September 2005 (none)
A period when no certain leader or structure was in place.
Refounding 18 September 2005 30 April 2006 Arlberg
A period when the wiki was dominated by the United Republic of Arlberg, a micronation founded in 2003 that joined the wiki in September 2005. Having close ties with Satirocity, Arlberg dissolved in 2006.
Satirocity 30 April 2006 November 2006 Jeffrey II
This period saw the rise of the non-serious nation Satirocity to the leadership of the wiki. Close friends with Monsterfurby, Prince Jeffrey II of Satirocity joined the wiki in April 2006 and was made an admin in August. The owner of multiple accounts, Funkybrain and Funkybrain2 seem to have been his main accounts.
Tallini November 2006 15 October 2008 Cesidio Tallini
The void of the recently dissolved Satirocity is filled by Cesidio Tallini, who dominates the wiki for nearly two years.
Foreshadowing 4 October 2008 29 January 2009 Jacob Tierney, Joe Foxon, Robert Lethler
Micronations that will form the foundations of the modern community arrive.
  • 27 May 2005: MicroWiki is founded.
  • June 2005: Activity by Monsterfurby ceases.
  • 18 September 2005: Arlberg's article is created.
  • 30 April 2006: Satirocity's article is created.
  • November 2006: Activity by Satirocity ceases.
  • 4 October 2008: Robert Lethler joins the wiki, followed later that month by Jacob Tierney and Joe Foxon.

Conflict Era

Period Start date End date Leaders
Siple 29 January 2009 4 March 2009 Joe Foxon, Niels I of Flandrensis, Alexander Reinhardt, Robert Lethler, Jacob Tierney, Kalvin Koolidge, Malum I
Antarctic micronationalism flares up with the Siple War being declared. The MicroWiki community becomes increasingly active as the war unites many of them against Westarctica.
Black March 4 March 2009 23 March 2009 Ian II, Alexander Reinhardt, Robert Lethler, Jacob Tierney, Kalvin Koolidge, Wilhelm I, Leopold Evans
An abmormally high amount of micronational wars break out, leading to a huge deterioration in bilateral ties between numerous states and culminating in a period of intense diplomatic tension.
Diplomacy 23 March 2009 2 August 2009 Robert Lethler, Alexander Reinhardt, Jacob Tierney, Wilhelm I, Kalvin Koolidge, James Stewart, Timmy IV
Conflict and diplomatic tension between the "superpowers" of the time (St.Charlie, Scientopia, Erusia and New Europe) continues, but is less intensive than during Black March. The use of "Talk page diplomacy" reaches its peak, with the majority of communication taking place on talk pages of relevant wiki articles. As well as several minor conflicts which had been ongoing since March coming to an end, both the New Euro-Erusian and Rhodesian Wars break out and are subsequently ended by efforts from the Grand Unified Micronational, increasing the influence of the GUM and its de facto leader, Robert Lethler.

Peaceful Era

Period Start date End date Leaders
Peaceful 2 August 2009 13 January 2010 Robert Lethler, Alexander Reinhardt, Jacob Tierney, Wilhelm I, James Stewart
Characterised by the hegemony of the GUM and Robert Lethler over the community, with the GUM almost being identified with the community itself during September and October 2009. Despite frosty relations between Erusia and St.Charlie, no major conflicts break out during this time. Many older micronations fall into inactivity while several newer micronations join the community.

Late Lethlerism Era

Period Start date End date Leaders
Rise of Nations 13 January 2010 7 March 2010 Robert Lethler, Alexander Reinhardt, Jacob Tierney, Wilhelm I
The influence of the GUM begins to decline at the expense of that of the Organisation of Active Micronations, strengthened by several micronations joining; for the first time, there is a viable alternative intermicronational organisation in the community. This results in the influence of the GUM beginning to decrease, no longer representing a community unified under one organisation.
Second Black March 7 March 2010 2 April 2010 Robert Lethler, Alexander Reinhardt, Wilhelm I, Crown Prince Jonathan, Mark Dresner
A second period of intense conflict, a year after the last. The Austenasian Civil War drastically polarises the community, with many influential micronations backing different sides of the conflict (becoming a mostly Austenasian issue by the start of April as the micronations which support the rebels withdraw from the war). Other conflicts such as the Great Patriotic War and the Flaradonian-Solvoian War also break out, with neither the GUM or OAM proving capable of preventing these conflicts (although the end of the Austenasian Civil War is ultimately due to the outcome of GUM peace talks).
Mistrust 2 April 2010 30 July 2010 Alexander Reinhardt, Robert Lethler, Gordon Freeman
Many micronations which form today's community arrive on MicroWiki. Mark Dresner is proven to have been a sockpuppet decieving the community in April, and is banned. The "Great Ideological Conflict" breaks out in May as a result of tensions which still remain today between the left- (led by Erusia and Sandus) and right- (led by Bradley of Dullahan and the ICA) wings of the community. The influence of the GUM rapidly declines in late July, whereas that of the OAM steadily rises throughout this period. On 30 July, it is discovered that Robert Lethler is a fictional persona, and that his nation of Erusia is entirely fabricated. Lethler leaves the community, and is followed out of the GUM by Erusia's close ally Sandus, the coinciding of which with both an electoral dispute and the temporary departure from the community of major GUM power New Europe results in a near-fatal blow to GUM influence and activity.

Post-Lethler Era

Period Start date End date Leaders
OAM 30 July 2010 17 November 2010 Alexander Reinhardt, Gordon Freeman, Pierre d'Égtavie, Kyng Fyrst, James von Puchow
The community finds itself without the presence of Lethler for the first time in nearly two years. The GUM, fatally weakened by his departure, is effectively abandoned in September whereas the OAM becomes the sole intermicronational organisation in the community, with its forums becoming a focal point of communication. The Atlantis Civil War breaks out in September - unlike the Austenasian Civil War, only younger micronations take sides and the conflict is roundly condemned by the community as a whole. Talk pages cease to be the main method of communication for members of the community during this period, being succeeded by the OAM forums and then by micronational Skype rooms, the latter of which are used to share new ideas such as Microball.
Migration 17 November 2010 26 February 2011 Pierre d'Égtavie, Alexander Reinhardt, Kyng Fyrst, Gordon Freeman, Tom Turner, James von Puchow
Wikia implements unpopular changes to its site, resulting in the community leaving micronations.wikia.com and migrating to microwiki.org.uk, a new site created and managed by Pierre d'Égtavie (initially with help from Gordon Freeman). Kyng Fyrst is appointed an admin at the old site by Wikia, leading to intense unpopularity - this, together with electoral disputes in his micronation the Slinky Empyre, leads to the Slinky Empyre dissolving in January, with a short-lived successor state set up that is disestablished the following month. The Slinky War, fought between supporters of Fyrst and supporters of the successor state, is the last major war between members of the community. The influence of the OAM declines as a result of the original MicroWiki Forums being unveiled in late December, directing users away from using the OAM forums to communicate and towards the MicroWiki Forums and the growing Skype community. Furthermore, founder Gordon Freeman resigns from the OAM and announces a "withdrawal" from the community after Sebastian Linden addresses him by his real name during a dispute on the OAM forums. Freeman denounces this as a breach of privacy and begins a campaign to ostracise Linden from the community by having him banned from MicroWiki, an issue which divides the community for several months to come.
  • 30 July 2010: Erusia is revealed to be fictional and Robert Lethler leaves the community.
  • 17 November 2010: Kyng Fyrst is appointed an admin on MicroWikia.

Tension Era

Period Start date End date Leaders
Factions 26 February 2011 20 July 2011 Aldrich Lucas, Pierre d'Égtavie, Alexander Reinhardt, Tom Turner
Aldrich Lucas of Yabloko, a highly active administrator, becomes extremely influential over MicroWiki. Linden's ban stays in place until the end of this period, with the admins taking the side of Freeman - this results in intense tension and debate between the supporters of Freeman and Linden, with the pro-Linden faction expanding to some extent to create a loose "anti-admin movement" calling for the wiki's administration to be more accountable. Tension also erupts over the OAM, which loses its monolithic presence due to the MicroWiki Forums. Criticism of the OAM's purpose and scope increases in intensity during this period as well - many claim that the OAM has achieved little and is maintained simply as a means for Freeman to maintain influence in the community he claims to have left. This, along with what is perceived as religious discrimination by Freeman, leads to a closely-failed (by a single vote) motion of no confidence against him in June, resulting in twelve member nations leaving the OAM in protest at his continued leadership. The influence of the OAM over the community declines, and it reaches into other communities such as Micras, which itself is condemned by those who consider Micras geofiction as opposed to micronationalism.
Pre-Yablokogate 20 July 2011 6 September 2011 Aldrich Lucas, Pierre d'Égtavie, Alexander Reinhardt, Jacob Tierney
The factions found in the community during the preceding period begin to fade, with Linden being unbanned due to pressure from most of the wiki's users. The influence of the OAM continues to decline, with levels of activity rapidly dropping and short-lived breakaway organisations such as the OUM and IMU being formed. Dissatisfied with the OAM, members of the GUM restore it to activity in August, but decide to initially keep this a secret from the wider community so that members of both the GUM and OAM have a chance to end their terms in elected positions in the latter. The 2011 Intermicronational Summit takes place later that month, the first time that numerous members of the community have met in person.

Inter-Summit Era

Period Start date End date Leaders
Post-Yablokogate 6 September 2011 29 December 2011 Pierre d'Égtavie, Alexander Reinhardt, Jacob Tierney, Marka Mejakhansk, Crown Prince Jonathan
A brief return of Robert Lethler results in the Yablokogate Scandal, and the rebirth of the GUM becoming public knowledge. Lethler publishes a dossier (endorsed by several other GUM members) revealing Yabloko to be at best a non-serious micronation and at worst little more than a forum-based game, with senior figures within it plotting to control the community. Lucas attempts to refute some of the claims, but controversy remains over Yabloko and its position in the community. Intense tension suddenly arises between supporters and opponents of Aldrich Lucas as a result of the publication of the dossier, with several members of the community threatening to leave over what they see as secrets, bickering and manipulation on both sides. Calm is eventually restored, but TASPAC, an organisation which was heavily involved in the controversy by defending Yabloko with the help of two rogue GUM members, becomes regarded as secretive and conspiring by most of the community. This, along with the continuing decline of the OAM, helps lead to an increasing level of GUM membership and influence.
Rise of the GUM 29 December 2011 20 February 2012 Pierre d'Égtavie, Alexander Reinhardt, Marka Mejakhansk, Crown Prince Jonathan, Jacob Tierney
The OAM finally dissolves in late December after several months of declining activity and influence. Meanwhile, the GUM flourishes under the first tenure of Chairman Crown Prince Jonathan, amending its constitution and restoring its levels of activity and membership to Peaceful Era levels. In February, Aldrich Lucas is voted out of the administration and has his wiki account deleted after a short discussion on the MicroWiki Forum - he vandalises the MicroWiki Forums as a result and is permanently banned from the site.
Pre-PoliNation 20 February 2012 13 July 2012 Pierre d'Égtavie, Alexander Reinhardt, Marka Mejakhansk, Crown Prince Jonathan, Jacob Tierney
With Yabloko and the OAM absent from the community, tensions within it decrease. The GUM continues to grow in size and influence. The old Wikia site is brought back to activity by some younger micronationalists, but is unable to reach the level of popularity or activity held by org.uk.

Settled Era

Period Start date End date Leaders
Early Settled 13 July 2012 21 October 2012 Pierre d'Égtavie, Alexander Reinhardt, Daniel Anderson, Jacob Tierney, Crown Prince Jonathan
Characterised by relative harmony and peaceful relations between most members of the community, partially catalysed by a large proportion of them meeting at PoliNation 2012. The 24 Hour Quorum is held in an example of the community uniting around a single project.
Wyvernian Controversy 21 October 2012 20 January 2013 Pierre d'Égtavie, Alexander Reinhardt, Daniel Anderson, Crown Prince Jonathan, Bradley of Dullahan, Will Sörgel
Frequent comments percieved as Islamophobic and/or xenophobic by Quentin I and Bradley, Duke of Dullahan, leaders of the Kingdom of Wyvern, result in diplomatic conflict between Wyvern and other micronations such as Sandus, Juclandia and Prsänëa. Frequent arguments between the two sides take place over venues such as Skype and the GUM, with the controversy becoming the main issue of the day for much of the community and leading to a scandal in the GUM after members of its leadership are accused of taking sides. Plans for a week-long meeting of micronationalists at Paris in July also get underway.
Stagnant 20 January 2013 7 November 2013 Pierre d'Égtavie, Alexander Reinhardt, Daniel Anderson, Jonathan I, Jacob Tierney
Arguments within the community once again die down, with little notable diplomatic conflict taking place, but with overall diplomatic contact and on-site activity also greatly decreasing at the expense of informal communication over Facebook groups and Skype rooms. The 2013 Intermicronational Summit takes place at Paris in July, one of the few diplomatically notable events to take place during this period. Worry grows about the lack of diplomacy taking place in the community, and the presence of individuals deemed disruptive and unprofessional in Skype and Facebook groups associated with the community.
Late Settled 7 November 2013 28 July 2014 Pierre d'Égtavie, Jonathan I, Alexander Reinhardt, Daniel Anderson, Sebastian Linden
After initial uncertainty about the future of the community, MicroWiki transfers from org.uk to Micronation.org. The site is bought by Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia from Pierre d'Égtavie on 13 May 2014. Diplomatic activity generally remains at low levels, but two small informal meetings take place in London towards the end of this period. Tensions begin to rise once more between the left- and right-wings of the community, but over social rather than economic issues, with disputes breaking out over matters such as free speech and gender identity.
  • 13 July 2012: The first large meeting of micronationalists attending the 2012 PoliNation Conference takes place.
  • 21 October 2012: A motion to remove Bradley of Dullahan from the GUM Official Diplomatic Staff for alleged racism fails.
  • 20 January 2013: The GUM elects a new, acting leadership after the administration of Yaroslav Mar is embroiled in the controversy surrounding Wyvern.
  • 7 November 2013: MicroWiki moves from microwiki.org.uk to micronation.org.

Modern Era

Period Start date End date Leaders
Rise of the Right 28 July 2014 14 June 2015 Jonathan I, Sebastian Linden, Pierre d'Égtavie, Daniel Anderson, Joseph Kennedy
The promulgation of the controversial Denton Protocol by Sandus and Zealandia results in a large backlash from right-wing members of the community and an open breach between the left- and right-wings; some argue that it was this event which marked the moment that the left wing lost its "moral hegemony" over the community. This period saw the conversion of several members of the community to Christianity, as well as the abandoning of socialism by many of its former adherents; a previous stereotype of MicroWiki being populated mainly by "communist atheists" becomes impossible to apply. MicroWiki celebrates its tenth anniversary in May 2015, whereas activity in the parallel MicroWikia community declines almost to non-existence, with the majority of articles on the Wikia site being deleted by its administration.
Tensions 14 June 2015 3 October 2015 Jonathan I, Sebastian Linden, Daniel Anderson, Joseph Kennedy, Joseph Puglisi
After a long period of declining activity, the GUM abolishes its functions as an intergovernmental organisation and transitions into a formal chatroom between individuals on 14 June. The tensions between the left- and right-wings of the community continue to grow (partially exacerbated by socially conservative public statements by members of Pavlov and Lostisland), with most members of the community settling in one of two "camps".
Separation 3 October 2015 4 June 2016 Jonathan I, Sebastian Linden, Joseph Kennedy, Kit McCarthy, Joseph Puglisi
Concern about community cohesion grows as the users of the wiki almost completely separate into a primarily left-wing faction mainly using the MicroWiki forums and a primarily right-wing faction mainly using the traditional MicroWiki-focused Skype rooms, at the same time as a breach between newer and older users of the site (mainly corresponding to the left- and right- wings, respectively) forms.
Return of the GUM 4 June 2016 4 May 2017 Jonathan I, Sebastian Linden, Joseph Kennedy, Fionnbarra Ó Cathail, Patrick Renwick, Adam I
The GUM is reformed as an intergovernmental organisation in an attempt to restore diplomatic contact between the older and newer members of the community, a goal which is largely achieved with the successful holding of a second 24 Hour Quorum. The MicroWiki Forums see a large amount of disruptive behavior from two users in particular, causing ideological and diplomatic disputes between others and each other which become the main issue of the day for many, but both are ostracized from the community by the end of this period. Many of the newer members of the community increase their online presence due to becoming more involved in each other's micronations, whereas many of the older members become less active due to increasing demands from "real world" matters such as jobs and university.
Late Modern 4 May 2017 5 September 2017 Jonathan I, Henry Clément, Joseph Kennedy, Kit McCarthy, Stephen I & II
Diplomatic division between older and newer members dies down, with many older members of the community leaving its traditional venues. Activity in the GUM decreases, and tensions sharply rise after a relatively quiet few months, with late August seeing the site swamped with news on a dispute between Austenasia and Delvera and the disruption caused by an individual encouraging a break-away movement from the community.
Present 5 September 2017 Present Jonathan I, Henry Clément, Adam I, Shamus I
The current period. Activity in the GUM, on the MicroWiki Forums, and in associated Skype groups drops to an all-time low, with a predicted revival after people settle back into school after summer failing to materialize. Concerns are voiced publicly about the future of the GUM, and community members discuss ways to restore activity.
  • 28 July 2014: The Denton Protocol is promulgated by Sandus and Zealandia.
  • 14 June 2015: The GUM dissolves as an intergovernmental organisation.
  • 3 October 2015: An open breach develops between the older and newer users of the wiki as the latter react to a prank pulled on a new user by some older members.
  • 4 June 2016: The GUM is restored asa an intergovernmental organisation.
  • 4 May 2017: The second 24 Hour Quorum takes place, uniting much of the community in a single event.
  • 5 September 2017: A diplomatic dispute between Austenasia and Delvera comes to an end.