Organization of United Micronations (2011)

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For the numerous other organisations of the same name, see United Micronations (disambiguation).

Organization of United Micronations
Spoken language(s) English
Membership 10 member states
Structure Intermicronational Organization
 - Chancellor
 - Secretary General
 - OUM Charter signed June 21, 2011 Dissolution 
 - OUM July 23, 2011
Footnotes: The logo is unofficial

The Organization of United Micronations, shortened to the OUM, is a micronational organization founded by George X with Riley Small on June 12, 2011. A week after its initial founding, the activity in the OUM boosted with the joining of Ben McKinlay from Thantias, who became the Vice Chancellor, RedFlight Scotsman from Valnorgrad who became the Secretary General, and J.J. Hakimoto from Yurtyzstan who became Chancellor as well as the joining of the Empire of New Europe. Chancellor Hakimoto dissolved the OUM on July 23, 2011, but talks are underway to reform the organisation for a more specialised purpose than just a general micronational organisation. The website is

The Charter

The Organization of United Micronations is an intermicronational organization made up of states that hereby agree to abide by and uphold the following charter as the supreme document of this organization. This charter is the frameworks and organizing document of this hereby organization and union. To break this charter is to go against the entire organization as a whole.


The Senate is the main voting body of the organization and is the only body that can pass a resolution. All member states have one vote in the Senate. The Senate is also the body that elects all officials every four months. The third and final power of the senate is to vote on if a new member should be allowed to enter.


The Court consists of 3 Judges The courts shall be the main body of the Organization if a motion is vetoed, invalid, or does not pass. If an election is tied then the 3 elected Judges will decide the legitimacy and outcome of the election for the position in question. All 3 Judges are elected along with all other political positions every 4 months


The Chancellor is the head of the OUM. The elections for Chancellor happens every four months. The Vice Chancellor's job is to help the Chancellor and help regulate the OUM.

Secretary General

The Secretary General is the second in command of the OUM, job includes to help regulate the rules and help with all problems of the organization. Elections are every four months. The Vice Secretary General's job is to help with the regulation of the organization.

Military Council

Each member nation is required to have a representative in the Military Council. This position is completely different than the representative to the organization

The Military Council's jobs:

  • 1.Is to help keep the peace and help defend any member nation,with whatever support can be used, who is attacked.
  • 2.Regulate member nations armed forces.
  • 3.Mediate between waring/disputing factions.
  • 4.Set military standards between member nations (like the UN) to promote better harmony and cooperation between armed forces.

The Senate

As stated in the Charter, the Senate is the main voting body of the OUM. The Senate vote on motions and resolutions and officials within the OUM.

Member nations

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