Somplenese-Molossian War

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Somplenese-Molossian War
Date4–7 March 2009
Result Somplenese and Belaronian surrender, POMHB partitioned.

 •  Republic of Molossia
 • Baltian Collective Security Alliance(7 March)

 • Empire of Somple
 • Kingdom of Belaronia

 • POMHB (until 7 March)
 • POMHB (7 March)
Commanders and leaders
 • Molossia Kevin Baugh
 • Urosh Dushanov
 • Artur Voyislav
 • Boris Groznayev
 • Leopold Evans
 • Henri I of Belaronia
 • Viceroy of POMHB

Molossia 4

Bcsaflag.jpg 25
28 - 35 8

The Somplenese-Molossian War was a conflict declared by the Empire of Somple and its allies against the Republic of Molossia. It arose out of Somple's expansionist and imperialist policy under its war minister, Leopold Evans, being directed towards the famous and popular Republic of Molossia.

Molossia has since September 2008 claimed to be in a war with the now defunct East Germany, a war apparently declared in 1983 and since forgotten. After the war, Kevin I of Somple stated that another reason for its declaration was Somplenese hostility arising from what they saw as a fictional and non-serious war.

The war was declared by the Empire of Somple on 4 March 2009. Kevin I of Somple allowed Evans to declare war on the condition that he take complete command of and responsibility for the war effort. Evans persuaded two micronations nearby Somple, Belaronia and POMHB, to join Somple in declaring war. President Kevin Baugh of Molossia, upon becoming aware of the war, stated in an e-mail that he chose "to ignore it", having "much better things to do." Scientopia and Vikesland both formally announced their neutrality in the war, which quickly began to diminish the standing of Somple within the MicroWiki Community. The Empire of New Europe, while not declaring war, issued an ultimatum to Somple demanding that they withdraw from the war with Molossia.

On 7 March 2009, the Baltian Collective Security Alliance stated that it would support Molossia in the war, declaring war on Somple. A meeting between BCSA officials was to be held the following day to discuss the war and how it could be resolved. However, the lack of international support for the Somplenese side led to Somple and Belaronia surrendering. POMHB at first refused to surrender, but was invaded and conquered by Somple and Belaronia later that day in order to end the war, and was partitioned between Somple and Belaronia.


The partition of POMHB between Somple and Belaronia led to the latter receiving 90% of POMHB while the former recieved only 10%. The disproportionate share annexed by Belaronia resulted in a break-down in relations with Somple. Again under the direction of Leopold Evans, Somple went to war with Belaronia between 11 March and 19 March, defeating it and conquering most of its land, splitting it into several Somplenese puppet states.

The Somplenese-Molossian war began what has come to be known as "Black March", a month in which several micronational conflicts were declared in the MicroWiki community, including the Meissner-Antifan War, Altanian War, and the war between Somple and Belaronia. The Siple War and War against Milnian and Izkar holdouts were also ongoing throughout March 2009.