Flaradonian-Solvoian War

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Flaradonian-Solvoian War
Part of 2nd Black March
Hamilton, Ontario Michaelae, Flaradonia
Status Ended with the Conditional Surrender of the Grand Empire of Flaradoia.
Flaradonian Side Solvoian Side
Grand Empire of Flaradonia Solvo Federation
Grand Vicarate of Angel Island
Commanders and leaders

Prefect-General Jacob Flaherty (GEoF)

Prefect-General David Flaherty (GEoF)

Ambassador Michael Flaherty, acting Triumvir General (Solvo Federation)

Grand Vicar Borsellino (GVoA)
4 (GEoF)

2 (Solvo Federal Army)

5 (Vicarate Armed Forces)

The Flaradonian-Solvoian war was a conflict between Flaradonia and Solvonia.


Following the declaration of war on Austenasia, the Solvo Federation dismantled the SDC "as we were required to enter a war based on a declaration we were not consulted on" and threatened to cut all diplomatic ties with Flaradonia. The Empire responded with and Ultimatium. The Federation refused and on March 9, 7:56, the war began.


As of March 9, there was no combat. Hamilton is a long way from Solvoia, and neither side managed to get troops there on that day.

On March 10, the Flaradonians briefly rushed the Solvoian defenses in Michaelae, but were repulsed. A 24 ceasefire was arranged.

On March 11, the ceasefire ended. The Grand Vicarate of Angel Island joins the war. The principality of Rukora states that the Solvoian side has "their full support".

On March 12, the war officially ends with the conditional surrender of the Grand Empire of Flaradonia. The Conditional Surrender basically does nothing but insure that the Grand Empire of Flaradonia is now neutral in the Austenasian Civil War.