2nd Black March

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2nd Black March
March 2010–March 2010

The month was marred by many international and civil conflicts.

Preceded by   Rise of Nations Period
Followed by   Period of Mistrust
Leader(s) Robert Lethler, Alexander Reinhardt, Crown Prince Jonathan, Mark Dresner, Nicholas Woode-Smith

The term Second Black March is the term used to describe the heavy conflicts of March 2010, like the original Black March.

Pre-Second Black March

Sandus-New Scireland

Sandus and New Scireland were locked in a dispute during 2010. This conflict was resolved

New Europe-Angador

New Europe claimed the whole US State of Kentucky and Angador claimed two counties in Kentucky during January. This conflict was also resolved when Angador kept its two counties and New Europe claims the rest of the state.

Zonian Confederacy - SUNP

This was known as the Zonian Conflict at the time but was renamed the SUNP War after Mark Dresner's disappearance. The Zonian Confederacy and theSUNP were also involved in what seemed to be a conflict. This conflict stemmed from a piece of text on some of the SUNP's articles called "Zonian Conflict". When Nicholas Woode-Smith asked what this was about, Mark Dresner of the SUNP would refuse to comment. Zona's vassal, Xank, was also involved in the war. NottaLotta Acres declared a state of hostility on the SUNP as a result of the conflict with Zona, however, NottaLotta Acres quickly rescinded the declaration after discussing the matter with the SUNP, and the two governments left the immediate conflict on good terms, but NottaLottan-Zonian relations became strained. The Zonian Confederacy left the conflict too after a conference with the SUNP which showed the war to be a big misunderstanding. Later, however, ZIC agents uncovered that it was a ruse to damage Zonian Affairs. This information was not released until after Dresners disappearance due to risks of damaging Foreign affairs further. Zona now has friendly relations with the SUNP but Xank remains neutral. The war was over but Zonian Foreign Affairs had been damaged.

The Zonian Confederacy's hatred for Mark Dresner remained though and over time, grew. Eventually, the Dresner Dossier was released which resulted in Dresners disappearance. Dresner is still regarded as the most hated man in the Zonian Confederacy.

Antarctic Conflict of 2010

Wyvern and SUNP Conflict

Wyvern and the Socialist Union of Nemkhavia and Pristinia had a conflict stemming from the condemnation proposal that Wyvern made concerning New Europe which escalated before being stopped by the OAM.

Second Black March Wars

Austenasian Civil War

After the Terry I abdication crisis Lord General William and Princess Caroline declared war on the Empire leading to a civil war.

List of Nations involved:

Rebel Side

  • South Kilttown Rebels (Declared War)
  • SUNP (Stated that they will take no aggressive action, but will do everything they can to ensure that the rebels win - in de facto state of war)
  • New Europe (announced support to the rebels)
  • NottaLotta Acres (announced political support of the rebels)
  • Secundomia (political support, cut ties with the Midget Nation-in-Exile)
  • Sterling (political support)
  • Prometheus (Formerly supported Rebel side before the information was supplied and returned neutral, accepts rebel claim)
  • Zonian Confederacy (Military Support)
  • Terabytoria (Declared War on 10th of March 2010)
  • Angador (Declared War)

Austenasia side

Flaradonian-Solvoian War

Flaradonian side

Grand Empire of Flaradonia

Solvoian side

Solvo Federation

Phoenix Empire Rebellion

Rebel Side

Phoenix Imperial Army

Phoenix Empire Side

Phoenix Empire

Empire of Austenasia (diplomatic support)


Great Patriotic War

FSA1 Side

Federal State of A1