Antarctic Conflict of 2010

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The Antarctic Conflict of 2010
Conflict: Antarctic Conflict of 2010
Date: January 4-January 6, 2010
Place: Antarctica
Flag of the ASR Pristinia.pngPristinia
Flag of the Federated States of Antarctica.pngFSA

The Antarctic Conflict of 2010 was a disagreement between The Federated States of Antarctica and several other micronations, including Nemkhavia and The Autonomous Republic of Pristinia. Pristinia and Nemkhavia disagreed with the term 'The Antarctic Conflict of 2010' and instead called it the "New Pan-Antarctic Conflict". The Republic of Egtavia referred to it as the FSA Cold War.

Sequence of Events

Beginning of Conflict

The conflict began after the ASEA Claiming Conflict, when Nemkhavia and The Autonomous Socialist Republic of Pristinia cut ties with the Federated States of Antarctica. The given reason for this was the alleged bullying of ASEA into surrendering parts of their territory.

Emergency Summit and End of Conflict

The disagreement was resolved entirely during an emergency summit between the Federated States, Nemkhavia, and Pristina. The trilateral talks resulted in the restoration of diplomatic relations between the nations involved and the end of the conflict.