Phoenix Empire Rebellion

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Phoenix Empire Rebellion
Part of 2nd Black March
DateMarch 2010
Phoenix Empire
Univist Republican Phoenix Empire Old Regime
Commanders and leaders
Truncale II

Balatazar II

Maliq III
Phoenix Imperial Army Some old regime soldiers.

On March 15, 2010, the General of the Imperial Army, Truncale II, took advantage of Emperor Baltazar II's surgery by declaring himself "Dictator" of the Phoenix Empire.

Sequence of Events

March 18

Rebel Side

Truncale II convinces 4 of the 6 senators of the URPE senate to join his cause. Fortunately for Baltazar and Maliq, the Grand Senator and 2 other senators still side with them. Since each side has 4 votes(the GS counts as 2) no assault via the use of the Senate may be used.


the URPE gains two allies(Austenasia and Sterling) in the defence of the legitimate URPE government. The URPE has plans of starting a new military branch and banning the Imperial Army.

March 19

Truncale removes Baltazar and Maliq from power. And claims himself as Emperor with support from the Imperial Army and the Senate.

March 20

Truncale and the IA discover a mass amount of Old Regime soldiers and find out about a plan to attack the new Emperor.



On 3/15/10 Truncale II and a large portion of the Imperial Army rebelled against the Dual-Emperorship of the Phoenix Empire. Truncale II has control of the URPE MicroWiki user account but failed to obtain passwords to Empire email accounts.

Official Government

"Due to lack of military might, the URPE asks all other nations to support the government"-Maliq III. Baltazar II is currently recovering from surgery but is aware of the actions of Truncale.

Intermicronational Reaction

  • Flag of Austenasia.png Austenasia: The Austenasian Government has condemned the rebellion and offers full diplomatic support for the Dual-Emperorship.
  • KingdomofSterlingflag.jpg Sterling: Sterling will support the Dual-Emperorship in the Rebellion, despite our opposite sides in the Austenasian Civil War, as we believe the Balatazar and Maliq are the rightful leaders.
  • Danesland: The Danesland Government is in full support of the official and legitimate government(Maliq and Balatazar).