Great Ideological Conflict era

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Great Ideological Conflict Era
May 27th–August 1st

Image representing the divide of the ideological communities.

Preceded by   New Boom
Followed by   Second Great Boom era
Leader(s) Bradley of Dullahan
Guillaume Sœrgèl
Parker I
Robert Lethler
William Danforth

The Great Ideological Conflict era was an era which covered most of the summer of 2010, beginning with the conflict between the ICA and the communist bloc and ending with the collapse of Erusia.

Great Ideological Conflict Era

The name derives from the conflict between right and left that occurred during the time. It mainly consisted of the dispute of Sandus, Nemkhavia and Erusia with the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance.

Starland and Rajputistan caused trouble at the end of the era, these nations were in argument with the majority of the left and some right micronations.

Towards the end of this era, Erusia was revealed to be an unreal micronation, which resulted in its withdrawal from the micronational community. This also caused the collapse of Sandus. As Hogg said, the end of Erusia also marked the beginning of a new era, called the Second Great Boom era for its potential and for the many improvements in the micronational war, including the positive effects of the OAM reform which had occurred during the Great Ideological Conflict era.

Other powers

These are not leaders, but were major powers in the MicroWiki at the time.

Involved Entities