Federal Imperial Republic of Eleytheria

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Federal Imperial Republic of Eleytheria

Flag of Eleytheria (Symbols)

Anthem: Beethoven's March No. 1
Motto: Kraft, Freiheit, Ordnung
(Strength, Freedom, Order)
Capital Regalton

Largest City Marshweald

Official languages German, English,
Tiutisc, Slin-Englysh

Demonym Eleytherian

Government Constitutional monarchy
Emperor Charles I
Prime Minister William Danforth

Area ~ 1 ha

Legislature Imperial Assembly

Established May 30, 2010

Population 41

Economy Capitalist

Currency Eleytherian Shilling

Time zone UTC+1

Patron saint John the Baptist

Internet TLD .ely (proposed)

Drives on the Right (proposed)

The Federal Imperial Republic of Eleytheria (also referred to as Empire of Eleytheria) was a small micronation founded in 2010. The Emperor was the Head of State and had full executive power but limited legislative and judicial powers. The Prime Minister was the Head of Government


Eleytheria started as a simple experiment. Charles, the 16-year-old Emperor to be, stumbled upon the Wikipedia article "micronation" when searching for small nations for a school geography project. Soon, he watched videos about places like Sealand and Molossia and showed them to some of his friends. The four got interested, and after a while decided that they wanted to found their own micronation.


The Empire of Eleytheria was claimed from early to late June as a front nation in order to allow a controversial figure, Sebastian Linden back into the community. In September 29, William Danforth admitted to be Dresner and was welcomed back into the community following an apology.

Foreign relations