Kingdom of Barrington

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Kingdom of Barrington
[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of Kingdom of Barrington]]
Motto: -
Anthem: Requiem for a Tower
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• King
Joe I
• President
Stephen Beadle
• Vice President
Edward Foxon
Establishment17th October 2008
• Census
CurrencyBarrington shilling
Time zoneUTC


Kingdom of Barrington has a small empire which consists of Kingdom of Barrington, Tozland, Karma and Kendal and Clarksville.


Stigistan was founded in Hull on October 17, 2008 by King Joe I. The idea to start a country was inspired by the BBC TV programme How to Start Your Own Country. King Joe went around offering citizenship and governmental roles to his friends and classmates. It had, at the time of dissolution, 8 citizens.


Kingdom of Barrington is a Constitutional Monarchy. It is currently ruled by just the King because there are no political parties. However, if parties are created, an election will be held and the elected leader will serve as Prime Minister.

Barrington is centre-right on the Political Spectrum


Kingdom of Barrington currently has territories scattered around Kingston upon Hull. The capital of Kingdom of Barrington is Barrington.


Kingdom of Barrington has its own currency, the Barrington/Barrington Shilling, which is made up of 4 quarters, which in turn is made up of 100 cents.



Kingdom of Barrington has proposed the 2013 Micronational World Cup. There is also team representing Kingdom of Barrington on Virtual Manager. They are currently in Division 7, Group 9 of the English League.

Micronational Games

Kingdom of Barrington is currently participating in the Second Micronational Games.

Kingdom of Barrington at war

On 13 November 2008, Danburnia declared war on Stigistan. Later that day, Jonnyland allied Danburnia and entered the conflict. Danburnia is fighting for independence, and Jonnyland simply for pride. As of the 17th of November, the war is over and all three nations involved are now independent and allies.

On 28 December 2008, Kirbland declared war on Stigistan in an attempt to take The Hill from them. Stigistan has sent a request calling up Danburnia into the conflict, which was declined. Stigistan won the war with Kirbland.

On 24 June 2009, Stigistan confirmed they would not be declaring war on either Erusia or Murrayfield in the War over Micronational Communism.

National Holidays

King's day 31 March Celebrates the birth of the King.
Windass Day 24 May Celebrates Hull City's promotion
Football day 30 July Celebrates England winning the 1966 World Cup.
Founding day 17 October Celebrates the founding of Kingdom of Barrington.
Armistice day 17 November Celebrates the end of the war with Danburnia.
Christmas Day 25 December Well, it's Christmas. No further explanation needed.

Allies of Kingdom of Barrington



National TV Channel Barrington Times

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