Ian II of Camuria

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Ian II of Camuria, also known as Ian Forrest, was the leader of the Kingdom of Camuria. Ian was active in the MicroWiki community from November 2008 to June 2009, during which he claimed to be the third-generation monarch of a well-developed, independent state located on an island off the coast of Scotland. Despite Camuria supposedly being as old as Sealand, no reference to it could be found in historical or third-party publications, and further suspicion was raised as to the veracity of Camuria when Ian refused to divulge photographic or other evidence of his grand claims.

On 18 February 2009, the Grand Unified Micronational published a dossier exposing Camuria as an imaginary country mostly if not entirely fabricated by Ian. Nevertheless, due to a web of military alliances Ian had built up for Camuria within the community, he remained a prominent and influential figure, and took a leading role in the chaos of Black March.

Eventually, after continued controversy regarding Ian's refusal to admit the fabricated elements of Camuria, he was blocked from MicroWiki for one year on 29 June 2009. After his block expired, he continued to sporadically visit the website (by this point, abandoned by the main community; see MicroWikia) to remove information from articles he had written. His last appearance was on 16 February 2012, when he requested that all information regarding Camuria be deleted from the website.

Ian II and Camuria played a significant role in the History of the MicroWiki Community, with his false claims and love of wars becoming the classic example of how not to conduct oneself within the community. The revelation in such a foundational period of the community that Camuria had been fabricated entrenched the MicroWiki community's rejection of fake micronations, exemplified in the reactions to Erusia, Catan and others.