Micro High

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Micro High
Genre Comedy
Type Animated series
Created by Daniel Anderson
Written by Daniel Anderson
Sebastian Linden
Charlotte Lindström
Jeremy Oakes
Alexander Reinhardt
Theme music
Seeburg Corporation
Mr. Scruff (season 1)
Kevin MacLeod (season 1)
Mad Mush (season 2)
of origin
Language English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 15
Daniel Anderson
Running time 6–18 minutes
Fern Tree Studios
Original channel SBC TV
Picture format 4:3 SDTV (seasons 1-2)
16:9 SDTV (seasons 3-4)
Original run 19 April 2011 -
26 October 2013

Micro High is a Siroccan animated television series created by Daniel Anderson and produced by Siroccan-based production company Fern Tree Studios that ran from 19 April 2011 to 26 October 2013. The first Siroccan-made television series, the show was a major critical success, with almost all episodes garnering universal praise from across the MicroWiki community.



Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Season 1 4 19 April 2011 24 July 2011
Season 2 4 20 September 2011 8 March 2012
Season 3 2 30 November 2012 20 December 2012
Season 4 5 25 July 2013 26 October 2013

Season One

Originally aired: 19 April 2011 - 24 July 2011
Season One established many of the main characters and introduced some of their backgrounds. Release dates were sporadic and the episodes uncomplex, however the first season became an instant hit within the micronational community.

No. in
Episode ID Title Written by Original air date Runtime
1 101 The First Day (pilot) Daniel Anderson, Charlotte Lindström, Aldrich Lucas, Andre Sammut 19 April 2011 6:45
2 102 Designs on Zealandia Daniel Anderson, Petya d'Égtavie, Gordon Freeman, Charlotte Lindström, Aldrich Lucas, Daniel Morris, Jeremy Oakes 27 April 2011 8:35
3 103 The Case of the Stolen Simoleons (Part One) Daniel Anderson, Gordon Freeman, Charlotte Lindström, Aldrich Lucas, Daniel Morris, Jeremy Oakes, James von Puchow, Alexander Reinhardt 6 July 2011 10:36
4 104 The Case of the Stolen Simoleons (Part Two) Daniel Anderson, Gordon Freeman, Charlotte Lindström, Aldrich Lucas, Daniel Morris, Jeremy Oakes, James von Puchow, Alexander Reinhardt 24 July 2011 6:33

Season Two

Originally aired: 20 September 2011 - 8 March 2012
The SBC initially confirmed that Micro High was scheduled to broadcast a second season of the show in August 2011,[1] however delays forced production of the show to be suspended for a short time, before finally airing on 20 September 2011.

Season Two introduced Dorzhabad, Sandus, Los Bay Petros and the USLSSR to the show, alongside a new intro sequence, new theme music and an updated format. Whereas the previous season had taken four episodes to tell essentially one story, episodes in season two were engineered to tell one story per show, in order to cut down complexity and increase episode counts and appeal.

On 6 January 2012, it was discovered that Xtranormal had changed the rendering system used to create Micro High, and that the show was suddenly unable to be produced.[2] However the same evening a workaround was discovered and production was able to be resumed.

No. in
Episode ID Title Written by Original air date Runtime
5 201 How To Look Sharp Daniel Anderson, Charlotte Lindström, Jeremy Oakes 20 September 2011 10:09
6 202 Fresh Meat Daniel Anderson, Charlotte Lindström, Daniel Morris, Jeremy Oakes, Alexander Reinhardt 22 November 2011 6:28
7 203 Yes A1, There Is A Santa Claus Daniel Anderson, Charlotte Lindström, Carl Miller, Jeremy Oakes, Michael Sander 24 December 2011 13:41
8 204 The Micronation Formerly Known As Eleytheria Daniel Anderson, Gordon Freeman, Charlotte Lindström, Billy Neil, Joseph Puglisi 8 March 2012 9:04

Season Three

Originally aired: 30 November 2012 - 20 December 2012
Season Three saw a technical shift in the production of Micro High with Microsoft PowerPoint being used to create titles and a change in aspect ratio from 4:3 ("square") to 16:9 (widescreen). Originally scheduled for April 2012 broadcast, the season got progressively pushed back to May, June, July, September and October 2012 before the SBC confirmed a 30 November 2012 release date.

No. in
Episode ID Title Written by Original air date Runtime
9 301 The Eternal Principal Daniel Anderson, Petya d'Égtavie, Sebastian Linden, Charlotte Lindström, Billy Neil, Quentin I of Wyvern, Jacob Tierney 30 November 2012 18:22
10 302 Christmas at Ground Zero Daniel Anderson, Sebastian Linden, Charlotte Lindström, Billy Neil, Jacob Tierney, James Wilary 20 December 2012 18:35

Season Four

Originally aired: 25 July 2013 - 26 October 2013
Technical difficulties saw the show's development postponed throughout the first half of 2013 despite attempts to put together an episode. With the announcement of the show's ending, Fern Tree Studios began organizing two final episodes. Filming of the last episode finished on 30 July 2013 for an October broadcast to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the modern MicroWiki community, with filming of all episodes finishing on 1 August.

No. in
Episode ID Title Written by Original air date Runtime
11 401 His Majesty the Queen Daniel Anderson, Charlotte Lindström 25 July 2013 7:47
12 402 It's As Easy As S-N-A-F-U Daniel Anderson 21 September 2013 4:51
13 403 Strong Stuff, This Democracy Daniel Anderson 1 October 2013 7:41
14 404 From the Classroom Floor Daniel Anderson 15 October 2013 22:37
15 405/499 Break It to Them Gently Daniel Anderson, Richard Cunningham 26 October 2013 19:56


For various reasons, some episodes were never completed, due to time constraints or weak plotlines.

Original episode code Title Plot Scheduled airdate Notes
2.02 Harum Scarum Something's got Sirocco gripped with fear, and Zealandia takes it on himself to find out what. October 31, 2011 It was decided that the plot seemed weak, and that it should be changed.
2.02 The Moor of Micro High A homework assignment sees Wyvern dream of Shakespearean times, complete with Yabloko as Othello, Sirocco as Iago and herself as Desdemona. November 2011 Other commitments saw this episode cancelled.
2.05 Hot Date Dranoria's plans for a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day go horribly wrong when Austenasia hears that he's courting a girl. Will Austenasia ever forgive him, and can his friends help repair a relationship they didn't know existed? February/March 2012 Originally given the episode ID of 2.04, Hot Date was scheduled for Valentine's Day 2012, but due to production issues was indefinitely postponed for later production.
  • Reference is made to several songs in this season, including A Flock of Seagulls, AC/DC and Fatboy Slim. Sometimes the volume of the clip has to be turned up to hear the references, though.

Intermicronational Broadcasts

Dianberg's state broadcaster, Dianberg TV, has announced it will broadcast Micro High, however the date of air is yet to be announced. There has been though some conflict as the SBC was not approached about this and as part of its policy does not allow rebroadcasts of its content without permission.

On 8 March 2012 the Siroccan Government banned Micro High from being aired in Danland after the Danlandic government attempted to claim and air the show as its own. However on November 4, 2012 it attempted to ask permission from Daniel Anderson if it could broadcast it. However in recent years plans to air the show in Dania (as Danland was known when the micronation returned in 2016) have been scrapped.

On 23 April 2012 the Firdanorian Media Co. asked the Siroccan Government if it could re-broadcast Micro High on a On Demand Basis to Firdanorian Citizens only. Later that day the SBC permited the Firdanorian Media Co. to re-broadcast Micro High on most of Firdanor's media platforms.

Title cards

Each season of Micro High has had a different title card. Season 1's card featured the Micro High logo superimposed over a row of school lockers; season 2's featured the show's logo, director's name and the SBC logo on a blackboard; seasons 3 and 4 featured Micro High rendered in a 1950s font (bearing a very close resemblance to the SBC TV logo) on a plain background that changes colour in each episode.