Molossia (Micro High)

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First appearance The First Day
Created by Daniel Anderson
Kevin Baugh
Gender Male
Birthday 3 September
Nevada, USA
Occupation Principal

Vuldstein Molossia is a character in the Siroccan television series Micro High. He represents the Republic of Molossia and its leader, Kevin Baugh.


Molossia is the principal of Micro High School and has been for over thirty years. He is frequently the butt of many jokes about his age from both the staff and students, but is very highly respected amongst both. He is very proud of his school and will go to great lengths to ensure it beats its rival, the Wikia Academy for Numpty Kids.

As a child he had an upbringing in a communist household, and as a result takes Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin to suppress it - however should he miss his medicine it takes a physical and mental toll on him within hours. He is the only character in the show with both a first and a last name (Vuldstein), although Landashir's full name is C. Landashir (what the C. stands for is unknown, however).