Dorzhabad (Micro High)

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Dorzhabad (Micro High).png
First appearance Fresh Meat
Last appearance The Eternal Principal
Created by Daniel Anderson
Representative micronation(s) Dorzhabad, Union of Draegan Republics
Representative micronationalist(s) Daniel Morris
Nickname(s) Dorzie
Gender Female
Birthday January 15 (age 18)
Occupation Student
Relatives Austenasia (cousin)

Dorzhabad is a character in the Siroccan television series Micro High.


Fictional biography

Dorzhabad is portrayed as a slightly dim but well-meaning girl who, thanks to somehow becoming the target for school bullies, has been to several high schools in the space of just a few months. She gets on well with her peers at Micro High, however, and is good friends with Zealandia and Sirocco, although she is seen as somewhat eccentric due in part to her wearing a large, thick beanie in any weather. Despite her sweet demeanor, she is a great fan of heavy metal music. She also has a slight crush on Sirocco.