Sirocco (Micro High)

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Sirocco (Micro High).png
First appearance The First Day
Created by Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson
Gender Male
Birthday November 4 (age 18)
Occupation Student
Relatives Zona (sister)

Sirocco is a character in the Siroccan television series Micro High. He represents the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco and Siroccan leader Daniel Anderson.


Fictional biography

Sirocco is the school eccentric. While his friends worry about the latest drama going on amongst them, Sirocco wonders where the best vantage point for looking at power lines would be and thinking up reasons to petition the council to install a tram line. He is friends with neighbour Zealandia and can be very protective of him, especially when Eleytheria is concerned. He is teetotal and refuses to drink alcohol at parties, instead preferring to watch everyone else get drunk. Sirocco is portrayed as a computer whiz and as a confidante, with many of his friends entrusting secrets unto him.

He has a younger sister, Zona.