The Eternal Principal (Micro High)

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"The Eternal Principal"
Micro High 301 Title.png
Episode title card
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 1
Directed by Daniel Anderson
Script by Daniel Anderson
Pierre d'Égtavie
Sebastian Linden
Charlotte Lindström
Billy Neil
Quentin I of Wyvern
Jacob Tierney
Original airdate 30 November 2012
Runtime 18:22
Production code 301
Episode chronology
Previous The Micronation Formerly Known As Eleytheria
Next Christmas at Ground Zero

"The Eternal Principal" is the ninth episode of the SBC animated sitcom Micro High. The episode sees Molossia turn into a communist dictator after forgetting to take his medication, leading to a dramatic change in school life. It is the first episode of the show's third season and is currently the second-longest running episode of the show, having beaten Yes A1, There Is A Santa Claus by nearly five minutes but surpassed by Christmas at Ground Zero by twelve seconds. It was first aired on 30 November 2012.

Critical response

The episode received generally positive reviews. Prsänëan news service the Georgetown Telegraph said the show was "an exceptional showing of the Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation’s long expected next installment in the hit series of Micro High",[1] but noted that "the 18 minute long episode begins to drag on at points, thanks to the lackluster talking speed of FUNimation’s computer actors",[2] while Zealandia's Guardian praised the episode for being "wonderfully sublime for those with half a modicum of intelligence who recognise it as a brilliantly written piss take of North Korea".[3]

The strongest criticisms came however from Barnaby Hands, who called the episode a "massive flop" and drew emphasis on the new introduction, supposed political bias and an inaccurate portrayal of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya.[4] Hands' criticisms were responded to soon after by director Daniel Anderson, who explained the reasoning behind the episode's structure.[5]


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