St.Charlie (Micro High)

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St.Charlie (Micro High).png
First appearance The First Day
Created by Daniel Anderson
Alexander Reinhardt
Nickname(s) Charlie
Gender Male
Birthday November 23 (age 18)
Rome, Italy
Occupation Student
Relatives Eleytheria (sister)
Nemkhavia (cousin)

St.Charlie is a character in the Siroccan television series Micro High. He represents the Federal Republic of St.Charlie and prominent St.Charlian politician Alexander Reinhardt.


Fictional biography

St.Charlie was born the son of a wealthy business owner on holiday in Italy. He lives with his parents and sister Eleytheria in the nicer part of the city which Micro High is set.

St.Charlie is seen as the "cool kid" of school and is friends with most of the students attending Micro High. He is said to be very sporty and physically strong (in "Designs on Zealandia" he soundly beats Yabloko after the latter flushes St.Charlie's iPhone down a toilet) and is the unofficial leader of his group of friends (which includes A1, Sirocco and Wyvern). St.Charlie is so far the only character confirmed to have a driver's license.

It has been suggested that St.Charlie is capable of holding his liquor, however A1 has denied this (although she is notoriously poor at staying sober).



St.Charlie has been in a relationship with A1 for just shy of two years when the series begins, and it is made clear very quickly that the two are strongly attached to each other even after this long time. The two are widely known to have a very physical relationship, and while St.Charlie would like to think he's in charge of the relationship, he is resigned to the fact he is very much the weaker party.


In typical brother-and-sister fashion, St.Charlie and his sister Eleytheria have a somewhat icy relationship. Eleytheria resents the fact St.Charlie is older, more popular and is their parents' favourite while St.Charlie laments Eleytheria's constant yearning for alcohol, her promiscuous nature (more so than A1), her embarrassing the family (especially him) on numerous occasions and some of her ridiculous ideas (such as her decision to change her name to Pristinia). However he is very protective of his little sister and will go to great lengths to look after her, a fact which is not lost on her, much less reciprocated.