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MicroWiki@Discord, commonly known as the MicroWiki Discord, is the main Discord server associated with the MicroWiki Community.


Traditionally, the MicroWiki Community was centred around the MicroWiki Forum and a tangle of micronational Skype rooms. The ascendancy of Skype rooms as the main method of communication for the community began in mid-2010; before then, the community had mainly used the talk pages of MicroWiki articles. As the use of Skype as the main platform for 'fandom' communication began to fall away in 2015-17, the MicroWiki Community became notable for its use of the service, sometimes being called the 'Skype community' by citizens of its nations; by 2016, it was common for the main representatives of nations in the MicroWiki sector to report difficulty in encouraging their nations' members to engage with chatrooms on the platform, and many new micronationalists became involved with the forums but did not join Skype.

From mid-2017 onward, activity started to drop in these venues, leading to significant concerns over the community's future. A number of Discord servers were created in this time, attracting younger micronationalists and becoming an important part of the micronational community. Early Discord servers which can be seen as the predecessors to MicroWiki@Discord include the Cafemicro Lounge created by Henry Clément, the Discord version of Abel to Dabel, and MicroClub. All three of these were created as alternatives to Skype chatrooms; the first two by older members of the community seeking to boost activity, and the third by younger members averse to using Skype. Some of these servers were fairly large; MicroClub had 62 members, and the non-MicroWiki Project Nations Discord had 120.

On 17 September 2018, in an initiative led by Anthony Clark, the MicroWiki administration created MicroWiki@Discord as an official Discord server for the community. At the time, it was felt that Discord servers were 'occasionally used by the community as an alternative to Skype'; MicroWiki@Discord, however, immediately became exceptionally popular, surpassing the Project Nations Discord in size. This coincided with a significant drop in the activity of the Skype chatrooms, leading to the administration encouraging a move to the Discord by advertising it in the otherwise inactive Skype rooms, which by mid-2018 had been completely abandoned, with even the monolithic Grand Unified Micronational transferring to Discord.


As of 23 April 2019, the MicroWiki Discord has 354 members. The creation of the server saw a large number of new, typically younger members join the community.


The server has seven administrators—