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This is a list of internet memes in the MicroWiki Sector. Like internet memes, in-jokes and memes pertaining specifically to the MicroWiki Sector have emerged, and are a part of MicroWiki culture. Traditionally, a prominent form of such memes consisted of image macros paired with a concept or catchphrase, as well as microball comics, all commonly relating to the wiki or micronational politics in general, such as Math Pony, Francillian apple pie or Smoking Lethler - they were most commonly spread via the wiki and than through the later established Forums. More recently however, MicroWiki memes have become more prevalent, being more easily shared and spread on MicroWiki@Discord which was launched near the end of 2018. This saw the rise of solely Discord-based or related memes, such as @New Eiffel Government, Merge and Cornposting.

The MicroWiki General Survey which had 34 participants asked participants to pick which MicroWiki meme they thought was the most popular from five options - @New Eiffel Government was the most popular with 15, followed by Arkovia/merge with 4. 10 participants selected "no answer".[1]

While non-micronational related themes and subjects popularised in the MicroWiki sector are allowed to be included (i.e. Zeeky Bomb, Brian's Republic) this list will exclude already macronational memes and people, holidays and other events.


  • GUM lolcats


The image of a traditional Francillian apple tart which became a meme after Alexander Reinhardt mistook it for a random image unrelated to micronationalism.
  • Francillian apple pie


  • Smoking Lethler
  • Yaroslav heads
  • MNTO





@New Eiffel Government

An image of the @New Eiffel Government message chain, from the perspective of Zarel's account

Originating from MicroWiki@Discord, the meme is about 'pinging' ("@ing") Zed I's Discord account called New Eiffel Government#4073. The meme originally started on 19 April 2019. On 1 June, the user known as Lord Dweebington LXIX#7588 pinged New Eiffel Government#4073 in the channel government-and-politics. 3 days later, another user by the name cameron#8067 also pinged New Eiffel Government#4073, when on the same day another seven users did the same. This started a chain which as of 1 July 2019 has more than 562 messages pinging New Eiffel Government#4073. On 7 June, the channel was renamed to new-eiffel-government, and a new government-and-politics channel was created. All messages on new-eiffel-government that are not pinging New Eiffel Government#4073 are deleted. New Eiffel Government#4073 changed his nickname on MicroWiki@Discord to ! Prince Zarel I 【New Eiffel】!, which is also what the channel was renamed to.[1]

As of 13 September 2020, the chain is still active.

Arkovia and Dominus Vilicus

Dominus, real name Albert Mashy, is considered a controversial figure in the overall micronational community, especially on MicroWiki and Reddit. Dominus is known for sockpuppeting and being disrespectful on MicroWiki@Discord. His micronation Arkovia was heavily criticised for its unrealistic plans and goals, and users started creating memes of Arkovia and Dominus. Dominus and his micronation have since become very well-known.[2][dead link][1]

Leon Face

The Face of Leon Montan, also known as Leon's Face or Leon Face is a meme in the MicroWiki community and emote on MicroWiki@Discord. The Leon Face meme started around 18 August 2019, when Leon Montan started editing a portrait photograph of himself in various locations and buildings, such as North Korea and in front of a Pro-Irish Republican Army graffiti. The Leon Face meme is also known for the image of just his face, with the rest of his body edited out; and also used as an emote on multiple discord servers. The face has been added as an emoji on MicroWiki@Discord multiple times, with Cameron Koehler deleting it every time. On 5 December, the emoji was added for less than an hour when Cameron threatened to delete it, and did so. Cameron received heavy criticism from multiple users for this, with another discord administrator Aaron Green also complaining to Cameron.[3]


Sometime in February, Dominus gained heavy controversy after reports came out he was forcing micronations to merge with Arkovia. There was little proof, however, and "merging" became a meme on MicroWiki@Discord. A large amount of memes and people criticising merging started spreading across a large amount of communities, including Project Nations and reddit.[1]


Similar to Arkovia, it was a controversial micronation which claimed to be "more serious" than MicroWiki.[1]

Smaller memes

Flag of the GANGSTA REPUBLIC, a troll micronation by A. Tarquitius Buteo
Users cornposting
Math Pony, the visual deification of the math religion
Logo of the OAM
  • ((((Joke)))). The word Joke with multiple brackets in between, usually between 1 and 4. Started by Joost Smith in the GUM Discord server, it spread to MicroWiki@Discord and various other micronational servers.
  • Corn Cube. An image of an animated cube with a corn texture, James Frisch requested for it to become an emote on MicroWiki@Discord, which it than did, skyrocketing in popularity.
  • Cornposting. Cornposting involved users posting random things relating to corn, such as text, images, gifs and sometimes links. Cornposting was started by Leon Montan on 10 July. The meme had at least over 200 messages relating to cornposting. After around 26 July, cornposting slowed down in popularity. The Cornunist Republic of Cornistan is a satirical micronation geared towards cornposting which claims some of MicroWiki@Discord's channels.[1][4][dead link]
  • DABMASTERS. Old name for Hosamia.
  • Danos. Nickname for Dan Morris.
  • Duck x Zed. A satirical relationship between Ian "Duck" (also known as Flames). The two got married on a Discord server on 23 October 2019. It was jokingly advertised as the best and "largest micronational wedding" ever. They also renewed wedding vows on 27 December.[5]
  • GANGSTA REPUBLIC. A troll micronation by Trace Fleeman.
  • Hosamia. A micronation called Hosamia became a meme because of Hosamia's unprofessionalism and "declaring war on everyone", as well as calling everyone "barbaric" and recognising sibling rivalry as war. Hosamia also had various puppet states.
  • Jonathanist-Cameronist War. The Jonathanist-Cameronist War was a satirical conflict on MicroWiki@Discord taking place in late August and early September, between "Jonathanists" people who supported Jonathan I, and "Cameronists" people who supported Cameron I.
  • Math Pony. On 14 August 2016, Violette "Suzuki" Clingersmith posted on the MicroWiki forums that she was going to create a new religion based upon integers, and force its tenants upon all the majors schools in the world. Math Pony became the visual deification of the math religion, mainly in an effort to upset a hyper-Catholic user on the forums known as Markus. Math Pony regained popularity in May 2019 on MicroWiki@Discord, and again in September 2019, where Math Pony is still a well-known meme.
  • MicroWiki Tea Company. Originally started as a chain of the word "Tea" on MicroWiki@Discord in the #culture channel on 25 May 2019. Similar to cornposting but instead focusing around tea, and soon the tongue-in-cheek MicroWiki Tea Company was formed. "Tea-posting" lost popularity after late June, however still exists in a smaller less-popular form.
  • OAM memes. Various memes inside the New Eiffelic Union the OAM. Some of these memes included "Snip snip" and James I of Emosia looking similar to Willy Wonka.
  • Quebec. A micronation by Aidan McGrath which has had a large number of reforms and government changes.[1]
  • Reddit Nation. Criticised for its unprofessionalism and rude leaders, Reddit Nation was also involved in a lot of drama with Promatia.
  • You don't like it you send it back, no charge money back no pain all mercy :). Originating from a test website from the Paloman computer company, Exile. On the original website, the founder of the company and president of Paloma aidan#6538 made a grammatical error and ended up missing plenty of periods in the final product of the website. The phrase was "You don't like it you send it back, no charge money back no pain all mercy :)", when it was meant to say "You don't like it you send it back. no charge. money back. no pain all mercy. :)" cameron#8067, salute#0647 and aidan#6538 were all in a discord call when Cameron noticed the grammatical mistake and thought it was hilarious. As Cameron was an administrator on MicroWiki@Discord, he went to the server and added a channel called "You don't like it you send it back, no charge money back no pain all mercy :)", where the meme was spammed along with other memes, such as the Marvel's Endgame memes. The channel was later deleted from MicroWiki@Discord later that day. On December 3, Aidan made the channel "You don't like it you send it back, no charge money back no pain all mercy :)" with some members being originally apart of the meme, where they "return" random things and receive "money back". Those who are loyal and spread the word are listed as "Prophets of sending it back".
  • Zed Face. A meme asking for a png face of Zarel I to become an emoji on MicroWiki@Discord, which it eventually did.



Zeeky Boogy Doog
  • Zeeky Bomb. The meme involves people setting their profile picture as Zeeky Boogy Doog (a character from the 2001 animated short, Demented Cartoon Movie), and setting their profile username as Math Pony (a reference to a recurring meme in the micronational community). It began between community members Violette Clingersmith - the creator of the original Math Pony meme - and King Corvin I whilst using the voice chat, in an effort to confuse several individuals in the community who would be unable to discern the difference between the two users. Within three hours of the meme's creation a dozen people had joined in, including Emperor Jonathan I, who helped further the meme by creating an official Zeeky Bomb emoji and briefly changing the MicroWiki logo to the Zeeky Boogy Doog character. Within twelve hours of the meme's creation the Zeeky Bomb emoji had been shared over three hundred times in the MicroWiki Discord, not including reactions, making it one of the most prevalent memes in the server's history. Because the meme was incepted so close to New Year's Day of 2020, the Zeeky Bomb had become associated with the new decade, called the Zeeky Decade, and was often paired with high-risk events in world politics, such as deteriorating conditions in North Korea and Iran. The meme made a resurgence later that year in July, where the act of Zeeky Bombing began to emerge. Zeeky Bombing is a special type of server raiding where a user posts a picture of Zeeky Boogy Doog, occasionally paired with a GIF of an explosion. The meme also received a dedicated Reddit page in July following its heightened popularity.[6]
  • DANOSBIGPENIS. The meme inspired by the "Danos" meme which originated in Essexia, with the Rename Act 2020 proposed by Lord Matthew. The act was passed with nine for and two abstaining. The act supposedly renamed Essexia to the Commonwealth of Derbyshire, Aberdeenshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Buckinghamshire, Inverness-shire, Gloucestershire, Peterborough, Essex, Northumberland, the Isle of Man and Somerset; however, contrary to belief, Essexia never officially changed its name due to a clause in its constitution prohibiting it from doing so- meaning the act was entirely illegal. The acronym of the new name was "DANOSBIGPENIS". Following the 'passing' of the act, the Grand Unified Micronational and MicroWiki discord servers provided most feedback. One statement, made by MicroWiki site and discord server owner Jonathan I was, "Honestly I expected better of Essexia".One notable reaction was from the Kingdom of Gradonia, where the Konlichstag had been informed of the passing of the act. A meeting was immediately convened to determine if the situation would have any effects on Gradonia. Noticing the act to be a joke, members of the Konlichstag asked King William I to inform the Essexian Parliament that the Konlichstag was voting to terminate the Gradonian-Essexian Mutual Co-operation Treaty. However, the meeting was truly convened to figure out how the acronym could be changed to "DANOSBIGPEEPEE", to make the situation all the more juvenile. Following the decision, he Konlichstag asked the King to relay: "The decision has been reached that the treaty will not be voided, but there was a statement made that the name change would have been fine had the territories named been more humorous in a more juvenile way within an acronym. Derbyshire, Aberdeenshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Buckinghamshire, Inverness-shire, Gloucestershire, Peterborough, Essex, East Sussex, Portsmouth, Epping Forest and Exeter."
File:Plastic Protest.jpg
A Plastic Head protestor, most likely Pun Watta
  • 2019 Plastic Head Protests. A meme originating from the GUM Discord server, the image of the protester holding a sign has also become a popular meme template were users would edit in other text on the sign.
  • Carthia vs Wegmat. Comedic rivalry between the micronations Carthia and Wegmat.


  • Zedposting. Zedposting includes posting random text, memes and images relating to Prince Zarel I of New Eiffel. Multiple forms of Zedposting include "Zedtv", an image of Zarel wearing a cardboard computer mask, and "Zedism" a comical religion based around Zedtv.
  • MicroWiki@Discord Administrative Protests of 2020[7]
  • Brian's Republic. Meme focused around pinging the user Brian's Republic in order of him to send a message on MicroWiki@Discord, since he had been in the server January 2019 however had never send a message. Users comically referred to him as a deity. On 22 February after multiple users contacted him on his YouTube channel he finally sent a message and started becoming active in the server.
  • Micronational Assembly


  • Nanonation. A model country that is based within a micronation, by having declared territorial independence from a micronation; in other words, a nanonation is to its parent micronation what a micronation is to its parent macronation. Jokes making fun of nanonations emerged in early March.


  • #admin-nsfw. A fictional channel on MicroWiki@Discord users claimed to be only accessible for the administrators. Eventually a testing channel for colour roles was renamed to "admin-nsfw" by the admins as a joke in response to the claims.
  • Communist Union of Almendria A micronation infamous for warmongering and for the leader, Tizian, allegedly having sex with a seven year old. He claims they were both 7 when it happened.
  • Pangapedia. A wiki created as a rival to MicroWiki, the creator, the Federation of Pangaea claimed that MicroWiki viewed PangaPedia as a serious threat, despite its tiny size. This claim was generally met with ridicule. The site became heavily vandalised and raided.
  • TOES-Almendria War


  • Smith & Associates Law. The law firm became a meme after lawsuits such as Aydan Dillon suing the Micronational Assembly over teasing his state photograph were highly criticised, as well as its 0% case success rate.
  • Aydan Dillon vs New Almendria. Phrases made in the court such as "I eat kids" became heavily referenced.
  • Tizian Aruna The leader of Almendria and following its controversies, Tizian became a very disliked figure following his claims of having underaged sexual intercourse, and allegations he had password crackers, botnets and was doing insurance fraud in fifteen countries. The truthfulness of some of these claims, alleged by others or cited by Tizian himself, have been of much debate.[8][unreliable source?]
  • Robert Christgau. The well-known music reviewer became a meme in the Uber-Essian Union for his at-times controversial opinions on popular albums within the Union, most notably Jeff Buckley's Grace.



  • Free Patrick Kent. In early October, a small group of MicroWiki users began demanding that Patrick Kent, a previously banned troll and ban-evader, be unbanned from the server. After initially making it back into the server, he was rebanned by Cameron, who stated "Kicked Patrick Kent as majority wanted him out".


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