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Pangapedia Logo.svg
The logo of Pangapedia.
Formation16 June 2020; 2 years ago (2020-06-16)
FounderTaninim Long
TypeMicronational Wiki
Legal statusActive
PurposeTo serve as an alternative micronational wiki to MicroWiki
Official language
OwnerTaninim Long

PangaPedia is a micronational wiki created by Taninim Long as an attempt to create an alternative to MicroWiki. It was formed after the Federation of Pangaea "withdrew" from the MicroWiki community after accusing the administration of targeting Pangaean articles. The wiki became known after a vandalism attempt by users claiming to be supporters of MicroWiki, and became publicized by the wiki owner on Reddit, leading to more users raiding the site. [1]

Controversy and Raiding

On 22 June 2020, Pangapedia was raided by a user going by the alias of "Big chungus". This user was later revealed to have been Leon Montan. The owner of PangaPedia then publicized the joke edit on Reddit. Following this, people began to continually raid Pangapedia, including Nazi symbols, memes and also images of furries. Taninim Long criticised the raiders, stating this on a Reddit post:

"As some of you know, MicroWiki supporters vandalised PangaPedia this morning. PangaPedia is the official Wiki of the Federation of Pangaea (the international association of micro-states and exit movements), and represents the main competition to MicroWiki.

This morning Micro-Wiki supporters decided to post inappropriate content on PangaPedia, and even posted the Nazi flag. I have just finished cleaning up the place, and I have banned the users that were responsible for the actions.

I hope that Johnathan,[sic] of Austenasia, realises that many of his supporters are immature, and willing to use hate speech symbols. Members of the Federation, Kebec included, are retracting their articles from MicroWiki."[2]

The Federation of Pangaea also claimed that MicroWiki views PangaPedia as a serious threat, despite its tiny size. This claim was generally met with ridicule.

Pangapedia's Main Page, as of 24 June 2020

In response to the posts by Taninim, Jonathan I, the owner of MicroWiki, responded stating:

"Hi there, Emperor of Austenasia here. Just to let you know that this has nothing to do with me and has not been approved by any of the MicroWiki admins, either. MicroWiki is not "Austenasia's" but is rather a website that is my own personal property, so please do not drag my nation into this. I may own MicroWiki, but it's used by a community of hundreds, and just because they "support" it that doesn't mean they're working under my instructions. For the record, I condemn all vandalism, and if any "MicroWiki supporters" happen to be reading this then please stop giving our community a bad name."[3]


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