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Reddit Nation

Anthem: Ode to Tomorrow
Official languagesEnglish
Reddit National
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Reddit Nation or The Reddit Nation, is a controversial planned sovereign state Island country. The goal of Reddit Nation is "the establishment of a Nation by Redditors". The plan is buy an island somewhere in Belize, and create a constitutional monarchy government, than establish hotels, infrastructure, casinos and ports among other things. The estimated cost was $2,600,000. A handful of attempts have been made at establishing the nation, but it is currently inactive, with only a few reddit posts a week.

Juve not recognizing China's human right violations. Juve's name used to be Evuj.

History and Drama

The Reddit Nation was founded on the 21st of November 2019. Kebab hired several ministers soon after. These ministers are notable for having very few qualifications, with some ministers getting hired without any qualifications.

On the same day, Cat (the communications minister) created the first Reddit Nation discord server. Cat spent the next few weeks building and managing the server.

On the 28th of November, Tommy acquired the minister role on the server, and then deleted all the channels. Because of this and the age of the event, not many details are known, however it's thought that Kebab gave Tommy the role, as only the king was supposed to hire ministers. However, Cat had the perms to give Tommy the role, so it's possible that he did it.

On the 1st of December, Cat started investigating the activity of ministers and demoting inactive ones. Most people were ok with this, however the king was against this. This marked the start of Cat and Kebab's rivalry.

Enoch mass banning users. Enoch claims that this screenshot was faked.

On the 2nd of December, Cat banned Juve, Justinas, and Enoch for trolling. These users were some of the most active, however they had been arguing with Cat, and wanted TRN to ally with China and deny their human right violations. Enoch also mass banned over a dozen innocent users.

On the same day, Promatia asked Kebab if he wanted to merge. Kebab denied the offer, and then spammed the subreddit with anti promatian memes. However, all of the active ministers had no problem with Promatia, and some, such as Cat and Lukas, wanted to merge. This lead to Cat banning Kebab from the discord server, and Cat and Lukas soon joined Promatia. Juve then created the 2nd discord server, without Cat as the owner, which Kebab joined. Over the next few weeks the original server became inactive, as people either joined Promatia or stayed in The Reddit Nation. This was later known as The Split.

Post Split History

The events in the months following the split are largely unknown, as users and events were scattered across several discord servers and subreddits. Cat and Lukas were made ministers in Promatia, while The Reddit Nations's other ex-ministers either didn't want to become ministers in Promatia, or were denied. The number of new servers and subreddits created during this time are unknown. There are rumors of TRN creating fake Promatian servers to make Promatia look bad, and there are similar rumors of Promatia doing the same to TRN.

The 2nd discord server was deleted at an unknown time by Juve. The subreddit slowly grew into inactivity, with a new post once every few days.

On the 5th of April 2020, OgKebabEater started an aggressive advertising campaign for the nation, posting to hundreds of different subreddits. The subreddit grew from just under one thousand members to nearly four thousand. Unlike last time, the King didn't hire any new ministers, or give anyone any power. Irritated with Kebab's inaction, Juve created a new discord server, and appointed new ministers. The subreddit and the official discord server was flooded with links to Juve's unofficial server, and it has become vastly more active and larger than the official server.

On the 13th of May, Juve declared himself Lord Protector and started insulting Kebab. On the 16th of May Juve recognized Kebab as the king again.

The invite link to Juve's discord no longer works. It is believed that the discord has been deleted. The same is true for the original server.

As of now, the subreddit gets 1 post every few days, but it usually consists of either Kebab posting a meme, or another redditor asking a question about the nation. There has been no serious attempt at forming a nation since the split, and no large-scale attempt has been made since Juve's server. The Reddit Nation has made no progress towards recognition, and the location, laws, method of funding, and specifics of the government were never officially decided upon.

Juve's Server

Juve's server has likely been deleted as invite links no longer work. It was the last large-scale attempt to form a reddit nation.

Kebab didn't recognize Juve's Server as official, and he has stated that Juve is "just some dude who loves to roleplay".


The Reddit Nation cabinet has several filled positions with the following ministers.

  • Finance Minister: Juve
  • Foreign Secretary: The Sdeej
  • Minister of Defence: Enoch
  • Surgeon General: Tupperware
  • Minister of Equality: escrow
  • Minister of Transport: Mono
  • Minister of Labour: Wageslave
  • Human Resources: Emblyn
  • Head of Secret Police: justinas
  • Court Jester: unhinged dwarf

National Holidays

Juvian Day Of Antifascism

On 20/05/20 minister Juve held steadforth to Reddit Nation's antifascist ideals and stood up to a fascist by spitting on them. Every year in commemoration of this brave act all persons from The Reddit Nation collectively spit into a single barrel to re-enact the action that brought this day around. For the duration of the day the Antifascist Festival is held to celebrate the freedom all Reddit Nationals.

National Anthem

The national anthem was decided by contest and the winner, announced 17/05/2020, Sir RobertChristianKing won with the following entry, which is now the anthem of Juve's server.

The sun on the island is summery warm.

The stag in the reddit runs free.

But gather together to greet the storm.

Tomorrow belongs to me.

The branch of the linden is leafy and Green,

The King gives its gold to the sea.

But somewhere a glory awaits unseen.

Tomorrow belongs to me.

Now TRN, TRN, show us the sign

Your children have waited to see

The morning will come

When the world is mine

Tomorrow belongs to me

Tomorrow belongs to me

Tomorrow belongs to me

Tomorrow belongs to me

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