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Creep n i crawl, creep n i crawl creep creep.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Str8 [sic] outta compton
Anthem: N.W.A. - Dopeman
File:South-central LA (claimed)
Largest cityUnknown
Official languagesSlang
Demonym(s)Real OG, Gangsta
GovernmentKing republic
Ice Cube (ceremonial king)
Realest O.G. (king of the republic)

The GANGSTA REPUBLIC was a troll micronation located south-central Los Angeles county. Formed in 2013 on MicroWikia, it was reformed in early 2019 by king of the republic Realest O.G. The name must be all always written in capital letters.


From Middle English gangen, from Old English gangan (“to go, walk, turn out”), from Proto-Germanic *ganganą (“to go, walk”), from Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰengʰ- (“to step, walk”). Cognate with Scots gang (“to go on foot, walk”), Swedish gånga (“to walk, go”), Faroese ganga (“to walk”), Icelandic ganga (“to walk, go”), Vedic Sanskrit जंहस् (jáṃhas). See, gang at Wiktionary.

Government and structure

Confusingly, the government of the GANGSTA REPUBLIC is officially a king republic. It is unknown what this entails, but in practice, it resembles an urban form of nihilist-anarchism or illegalism.


The official currency of the republic is the All Mighty Dolla (AMD), and crack cocaine. The primary body of law in the republic, the Ten Theses Regarding the Sale of Freebased Benzoylmethylecgonine‎‎, primarily regulate the sale and consumption of crack, and outlines the punishment for breaking the said law. It is also the body of ecclesiastical law for the High Ecclesiastical Congregation on the Life of the Thug, one of three official religions in the republic.


Officially, American rapper Ice Cube (who appears on the national flag,) is the ceremonial king of the GANGSTA REPUBLIC and head-of-state, while Realest O.G. is acting head-of-government.


The GANGSTA REPUBLIC has no organized military. Instead, all citizens are considered active military personnel. In times of war, the government places the citizens of enemy nations under a state of "D.O.A.," otherwise referred to as being on sight. Those with D.O.A. (on sight) status are liable for military action when observed. Here follows a table of micronations with a D.O.A. (on sight) status:

Micronation Reason
Horizontalscapeflag.png Aphelia Space Research Nation Nazism, association with racist wiki vandalism
Corentan Flag.png Republic of Corentan Animal abuse apologia


Tupac Amaru Shakur, late Californian rapper, is both the patron saint of the GANGSTA REPUBLIC and the national animal. Cannabis is the national dish all over the GANGSTA REPUBLIC.