Republic of Corentan

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Republic of Corentan (eng)
코렁탕 공화국 (kor)

Corentan Flag.png

Official language(s)English, Korean
GovernmentPresidential republic
- PresidentDaniel Lee
- Vice PresidentOffice Vacant
LegislatureNational Council
Established30 October 2018
CurrencySouth Korean won, US dollar (de facto)

Corentan, is a self-declared, unrecognized sovereign state, more commonly referred to as a micronation with its majority population located in South Korea and the United States. Corentan is a presidential republic consisted of three states. It was initially founded from a "revolution" of students that took place in Daniel Lee's school, opposing the perceived hypocrisy of Korean radical third-wave feminism, the most notorious example being the internet community Womad, and rather authoritarian customs of Korean society, calling for a new, libertarian state. Its first government was a diarchy, later into a transitional government.


Pre-Corentanese History

'Leelandic state' is a term created for the many small, unstable nations Daniel Lee had created before Corentan. The Free Democratic Republic of Sezentrania was the earliest of the Leelandic micronations. Originally a state of the now-defunct Popular Union of Occitania, it had seceded from the union only 3 days after its joining, causing the Sezentrania Crisis, a short-term conflict between FDR Sezentrania and Occitania. Sezentrania lasted about a month, and underwent multiple name changes such as Danatia, Liber, and Bernada. It was finally changed to Silla, and a new flag and coat of arms had been chosen, and the first free elections took place in Silla. However, after a few months, President Daniel Lee, regarded as the center of Sillan politics, had lost interest in micronationalism, and resigned, with Vice-President Nicholas Randouler assuming the post. Activity in Silla had been declining, and it eventually fell from inactivity soon after. Later that year, Daniel Lee's class in elementary school was suffering from the lack of order, and in the October of 2018, Daniel Lee asked his friends to create a national entity for a 'new authority' of the class. On October 30, 2018, The friends formed the Diarchy of Corentan.


Many students found interest in the concept of a micronation, and the population increased from 3 to 12 in the two days following Corentan's foundation. Daniel Lee and J.J. were appointed as the first Co-Kings of the diarchy. The First National Council was set up with unanimous consent from the Co-Kings, except for one seat, which was filled with an election. However, Jung tried to rebel against the government and called the nation "a pointless joke". After only a week, on November 6, 2018, Jung was dethroned from the post of Co-King with a National Council vote. J.C. was appointed as the successor to J.J.. Many citizens from the U.S.A. and Canada joined in the period of foundation.

Transition to Republic

In the December of 2018, many had felt the First National Council had lost its purpose, as many new citizens joined during the period and the National Council was not representative of the new citizen base, as well as the inactivity of the Council, with it not having met in nearly one month. Lee, as the leader of Corentan after J.C.'s inactivity, dissolved the National Council and called for national elections on the first of January. He then soon announced the abolition of the diarchy and the establishment of a provisional government. Work on the constitution was starting to be done, and the first constitution was put in power on February 17, 2019.

Politics and government

Corentan follows a presidential system, and it enjoys a high level of political freedom, with almost no government censorship. The government of Corentan is divided into the executive branch, led by the President, the National Council, and the Supreme Court. The President leads the executive branch with the appointed cabinet, the National Council, consisted of elected individuals, is the legislative branch, and the Supreme Court is the supreme judicial court of Corentan.



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