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Brian's Republic is an online streamer and YouTuber who gained fame on MicroWiki after users starting pinging ("@ing") his Discord account in February 2020 in order to get him to send a message on MicroWiki@Discord, as he had been in the server from January 2019 however had never send a message.

Brian makes commentary videos and vlogs on cuisine, anime and does Let's Plays, which he streams on both Twitch and YouTube. Brian is also a musician.[1] As of 3 March 2021, Brian has over 565 subscribers on YouTube and 500 followers on Twitch.


In February 2020, several users on MicroWiki@Discord noticed his account, which had joined the server in January 2019, had never sent a message. Users began mass pinging ("@ing") his account in order to get him to send a message. Users comically referred to him as a deity. After a few days, users tracked him down via his Facebook account and YouTube channel, and requested him to send a message. On 22 February, he finally sent a message on the server. He publicly stated his distaste for the meme, which he called annoying.

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