Republic of Lavalon

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Republic of Lavalon
Government: Direct Democracy
Location: Non-territorial (nationhood)
Population: As of 11/08/09, 4
Date of foundation: August 4, 2002
Founder: Ciaron Broeck
Head of State: Consul Jason Mckerra
Language: English, but all Languages welcome
Demonym: Lavalonian
Membership This nation has applied for membership in the LoSS
Micropatriology Nationhood, Realistic School

The Republic of Lavalon is the current successor state to the Principality of Lavalon founded by Ciaron Broeck in August 2002.

The Republic of Lavalon is governed by a Consul in conjunction with a Senate. The current consul is Jason Mckerra.


Lavalon was named after a budget hostel in Kupang, the capital of the Indonesian province of West Timor.

On the 4th of August 2002, Ciaron Broeck declared himself the Prince of the Independent Principality of Lavalon. Like most new micronations, Lavalon became inactive within a few months. Broeck went on to play a role in a number of other prominent micronational groups.

In August 2003, Broeck, perhaps struck by a bout of nostalgia, refounded his micronation as the Sovereign Principality of Lavalon. In keeping with its focus on "serious" micronationalism, the Sovereign Principality made claims to the land occupied by Lavalonian citizens (eventually totalling 103 acres).

In early 2004 Ciaron Broeck, newly enrolled at university, was much less active in the affairs of the Sovereign Principality.

On March 14, 2004, citizens Pardriac Nevin and Matthew Vasroixe seized control of and deleted the Sovereign Principality's web presence. Pardriac Nevin soon disappeared, and Matthew Vasroixe declared himself President of a new Republic of Lavalon.

The Republic of Lavalon attracted little interest from existing Lavalonian citizens, who followed Broeck's lead and had little to do with the supposed Republic. In the following month, Vasroixe's Republic attracted interest from new sources, in particular, the Empire of Natopia.

In January 2005 Natopia and Vasroixe's Republic had become so enmeshed that Tasnneem Chowdry, ruler of Natopia, became President of Lavalon. A treaty in May 2005 established the Venerable Union of the Aligned States, which created an effective confederation between the two micronations. Lavalon was to migrate to Natopia's web presence, and presumably become subsumed.

A prototype Lavalonian passport

In July 2005 Vasroixe rejected this arrangement. Chowdry appointed Vasroixe vice president and then resigned, along with most Natopians involved in Lavalon.

By 2006 the Vasroixe's Republic was all but inactive. Several attempts were made by Vasroixe to re-create his Republic of Lavalon, all of which proved abortive.

In late 2008, with the blessing of Lavalon's founder Ciaron Broeck, former Principality of Lavalon citizen Jason Mckerra formed the Provisional Committee for Lavalon.

In July 2009, after wide consultation which included coup leader Matthew Vasroixe and former Prince Ciaron Broeck, Jason Mckerra was declared the provisional Consul of a new Republic of Lavalon.


The Republic of Lavalon embraces the concept of Declarative Statehood, and as such de facto recognises all entities that call themselves micronations and conduct the kinds of activities a micronation is entitled to conduct.

The Republic of Lavalon seeks formal diplomatic relations with like-minded micronational entities. As of the 11th of August 2009, the Republic of Lavalon maintains a diplomatic relationship with the Holy Empire of Réunion, the Free Community of Pasargada and the SPQR.

In the past Lavalon has maintained relations with the Realm of Strathclyde, the Confederation of Toaka and the Duchy of Falkenstein.


The Republic of Lavalon

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