Democratic Socialist Republic of Jomblonisme

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Republik Demokratik Sosialis Jomblonisme
Democratic Socialist Republic of Jomblonisme
Flag of Republic Jomblonisme
Motto: Peace Jomblonisme
Kaum pekerja sedunia, bersatulah!
"Worker of the world, unite!"
Hymne Jomblonisme
"Jomblonisme Hymn"

The Internationale

and largest city
Bengkuring City
Official languagesIndonesian
GovernmentMarxist-Leninist Islamic socialist republic
• Leader
Eri Septio Priangga
• Declaration of Independence
CurrencyJomblonisme Dollar
Time zoneUTC+8
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy; AD
Driving sideleft
Calling code+62

The Socialist Democratic Republic of Jomblonisme (Indonesian: Republik Demokratik Sosialis Jomblonisme) is a Indonesian micronation founded in 2017. Jomblonisme is located in Indonesian city of Samarinda, East Kalimantan.

The republic is ruled by the Communist Party of Republic Jomblonisme as the vanguard party, and is led by Eri Septio Priangga as the president and party chair. Jomblonisme follows Islamic socialism principles, intertwining Socialist tenets with the official Islamic religion.


"Jomblonisme" in English actually means "Jomblonism", with Indonesian word "Jomblo" means "single" - in context of a person not engaged in any romantic relationship. The word jomblo in the name is used to refer that the county consists of only one person. In English, it is akin to name a country as "Singlestan".

Foreign relations

Since its establishment, Jomblonisme has engaged in diplomacy with various micronations. Jomblonisme is also a member of the Commonwealth of Sovereignties and a member of the Association of Indonesian Micronations since January 2020.