Communist Party of Jomblonisme

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Communist Party of Jomblonisme
Partai Komunis Republik Jomblonisme
ChairmanEri Septio Priangga
Youth wingPemuda Fajar (DaFa)
Islamic Socialist
ColoursRed and yellow
Party flag

Communist Party of the Republic of Jomblonisme (Indonesian: Partai Komunis Republik Jomblonisme, PKRJ) is a communist party founded in 2018 that currently ruling Jomblonisme. PKRJ is the largest party in Jomblonisme, especially after its status are guaranteed in the national constitution as the "vanguard party for Jomblonisme citizens". The party official ideology is Marxism-Leninism and Septioisme, a series of political thoughts of party chairman Eri Septio that is derived from Marxism-Leninism, Islamic Socialism and a little from marhaenism.