League of Christian Micronations

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League of Christian Micronations
Coat of arms of the Christian League
MottoNon Nobis Domine
(Latin: Not unto us, O Lord)
Formation1 July 2017
Purpose/focusTo protect, promote and unite Christendom across the micronational community.
HeadquartersNew Vienna, Kingdom of The Danube,The Danube and New Flanders
Official languagesEnglish
High CommanderAlexander I King of The Danube and New Flanders
SecretaryEugenio II, Hand of the king, Templar Kingdom

Purpose of the League:

The league's primary purpose is to to protect, promote and unite Christian-micronations across the micronational community. Making the league not only bigger, but also making them aware of the dangers the Christian world faces. Christian micronations that are aware we live in dangerous times, and realize we are being exterminated (that Christianophobia is rampant) and want to do something about it are encouraged to join.

The league's purpose is to protect our Christian heritage exist, because world wide Christians are being treated badly, laughted at, ridiculed, and outright being persecuted and killed for their faith. There are 4 main enemies who would like to see our way of live end: islam, atheist, communists and feminist. They work hard at trying to undermine our Christian (European) values and way of life.

The league's purpose is to promote our Christian heritage is because if the league does't, our cultural heritage is at a point of being lost. If our Christian heritage is lost, than with it our values and freedoms are lost: the freedom of speech, the freedom of press, the freedom of assembly, the freedom of religion and the freedom of selfdetermination.

We, the league, feel we need to Unite the Christian micronational world, because this is the only way we the league can stand up against all who would like to see the Christian culture disapear. United we stand, devided we fall!

Who can join?

Any micronation, that is Christian in origin, no matter the branch (roman, protestant, orthodox, mormon, coptic etc) can join.

Current members:

Members are encouraged to draw in other Christian micronations, into the fold of the league. (nations here are listed in alphabetic order)