Principality of Nerivus

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Principality of Nerivus
Coat of arms
Motto: Don’t cluck the duck if it ain’t stuck
Official languagesEnglish
• Monarch
Prince Robert I
• Census
CurrencyNerivan Doubloon

The Principality of Nerivus, more commonly known as Nerivus, is a nomadic micronation with most citizens living in Nashville, TN.

It is currently ruled by Prince Robert I

It is a relatively young yet growing micronation.


It is rumored that the name “Nerivus” is derived from the ancient Atlantean word for “voyage”, but this has not been confirmed.


Nerivus was founded in January 2020.

Politics and government

Nerivus is a Monarchy currently ruled by Prince Robert I.

Law and Order

Nerivus does not currently have any form of law enforcement, as no crimes have yet been committed.

Foreign relations

Nerivus has signed treaties of mutual recognition with multiple other micronations, including the Sun Dragon Nation, Bear Hill Tower, and the Kingdom of Kalaria. The principality is a highly esteemed member of the League of Christian Micronations


The Nerivan head of defense is Field Marshal David Commini.

Geography and climate

Currently, Nerivus is entirely nomadic and has no land of its own. A majority of the population live in Nashville, TN.


The official currency of Nerivus is the Nerivan Doubloon, which is exactly equivalent to the United States dollar.

Culture and media

Nerivus has a rich culture of nautical themes and social gatherings.