European Micronational Union

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European Micronational Union
  • French:Union Mikronation européenne
    German:Europäische Mikrontion Union
    Latvian:Eiropas Mikronāciju Savienība
    Lithuanian:Europos Mikronacijas Sąjunga
The official flag of European Micronational Union
Motto: United in Diversity
Institutional seatsJailavera


Digital infrastructure

Largest CityRega
Official languages
Official scripts
  • Latin script
  • Greek alphabet
  • Cyrillic alphabet
Demonym(s)Citizen of European Micronational Union
TypeSupranational union
  • Republic of Hektorlandia
  • Republic of Jailavera
  • Kingdom of Wachidia
  • Republic of Sawdustistan
  • Republic of Edristan
  • Principality of Ferthroy
  • Kingdom of Hurikano
Leopold Deuff
Arthur Wachidia
• Treaty of Establishment
15 September 2019
• Adoption of Constitution
25 October 2019
• Election of The First President
24 March 2020
• 2024 census
Time zoneUTC to UTC+2 (WET, CET, EET)
• Summer (DST)

The European Micronational Union is a micronational Union between states.
Its main objective is to organize Micronations under one union that can help to sustain peace, development, mutual recognition and common diplomatic affairs.



The European Micronations Union was officially established on 15 September 2019. Its Co-Founders were Republic of Hektorlandia and New Ireland. Monarchia De Wachidia joined after the union was created. Only 3 official members established some of what is now EMU.
From 15 September till 23 November Robin Brown, the king of New Ireland, was emergency chairmen of EMU.

On September 17, 2019 Empire of Khager became 4th official member of EMU.

On October 7, 2019 the Vasterland Empire became 5th official member of EMU.

On 13 November Robin Brown stepped down and gave away emergency chairmen's position to Arthur Korney, 2nd Prime Minister of Hektorlandia.

On the 20 of November 2019 Federal Republic of New Potato Land officially joined the EMU following the acquisition of the Rockall Islet, District 4 of the Federal Republic of New Potato Land.

On 28 November New Ireland leaves the Union. That leaves a power gap as other nations are considering leaving as well.

On 29 November Monarchia De Wachidia leaves the Union because of the fear, that Union will fall apart. Vasterland, Khager, and Hektorlandia return Union to normalcy.

On 22 November New Ireland returns to the Union as Vice-Emergency Chairman of EMU. Robin Brown's main goal was creating Constitution and abolishing Emergency post.

On 23 November Robin Brown becomes the Executive director of Micronews, news outlet for EMU.

On 24 November Empire of Khager leaves the Union. It was sad day as he was one of the most recognisable EMU member state. Antonian Empire joined EMU. New Ireland becomes the Director of EuroBank, bank for EMU.

On 25 November Emergency Chairman Arthur Korney stepped down, effectively putting Robin Brown, Vice- Emergency Chairman in power. Before stepping down he declares Emergency elections. Only 2 member states participate in election, Republic of Hektorlandia Arthur Korney, Antonian Empire Anthony I.

On 29 November one of the candidates Arthur Korney showed compromising material of other candidates corruption. He bribed Vice-Chairman Robin Brown and tried to bribe Candidate Arthur Korney with government positions. Felling embarrassed he tried to shut his opponent down and after when it was unsuccessful he tried to leave the union without consulting government. Antonian Empire leaves the union without proper treaty signing and trial time.

On 30 November New Ireland leaves the Union, as they had supported the other candidates program. Robin Brown supported candidacy for Anthony I. He set up resistance with Antonian Empire. Arthur Korney took over as emergency chairman of EMU for legal reasons and tried to hold Union together. The Resistance claimed that Arthur Korney had become the dictator of the EMU and demanded that the EMU would be disbanded. There was nothing left then to stop all diplomatic relations with former EMU allies and proclaim the Resistance unlawful. After diplomatic relations were cut off The Resistance was disbanded and to prevent Cold War between former allies reconciliation efforts were made from Antonian Empire, which were quite successful.

From 5 December till 1 January 2020 Emergency Chairmen made reforms that made EMU direct democracy without elected title. He disbanded his position officialy on 5 January 2020.

On 15 March 2020 Alisa Craig Republic, Principality of Brienia, Citadel of Via Lactea joined EMU.

On 16 March 2020 Commonwealth of Ederlaand joined EMU. After all EMU has gone through Co-Founder Robin Brown had issued official enquiry for membership in the EMU, Spanish Catalonia returned to the Union.

On 19 April 2021 Republic of Jailavera and Kingdom of Wachidia joined EMU. Spanish Catalonia left EMU.

On 11 March 2023 The State of Lasetia joined the Emu.


Requirements for membership

  • 1 The nation must claim real land ; the European Micronations Union doesn't accept fictional places or Micronations situated in other continents. ;
  • 2 In cases of two Micronations claiming the same land (also just a little part in common), the European Micronations Union accepts as official member only the Micronation that claimed that part of land for first;
  • 3 The European Micronations Union doesn't allow wars between member states, so every Micronation that joins this organization swears to not declare war at another official member;
  • 4 Official member cannot violate human right in any form (religion, citizenship, etc...)

Official members

Flag Name Member since Claimed area Currency(ies) Capital(s) Language(s)
Republic of Hektorlandia Hektorlandijas Respublika 15 September 2019 0,49 km² Euro Rega Hektorlandian Latvian Language
Republic of Sawdustistan 15 September 2019 123.09 Acres Sadar (SD) and United States Dollar (USD) Sawdustigrad English
Principauté de Ferthroy 7 July 2020 621,988 km2 Ferthroyen Dollar (FRD) de jure, Singapore dollar (SGD), Canadian Dollar (CAD) and EURO (EUR) de facto Serangoon French
People's Republic of Edristan 7 April 2021 N/A Edristanian ruble (E₽) N/A German
Republic of Jailavera 19 April 2021 11519632,517853 km² Jailaverian stater - JXS Mont-Tholon French, Occitan, and Esperanto
Kingdom of Wachidia 19 April 2021 Unknow Unknow Unknow French

Former Members

Flag Name Member since Date its membership was ended Status Claimed area Currency(ies) Capital(s) Language(s)
Empire of Khager 17 September 2019 24 November 2019 Left as official member Unknow Unknow Unknow Unknow
Monarchy of Wachidia 15 September 2019 29 November 2019 Left as official member Unknow Unknow Unknow Unknow
New Ireland 15 September 2019 28 November 2019/30 November 2019 Temporarily froze membership Unknow Unknow Unknow Unknow
The Antonian Empire 10 October 2019 29 November 2019 Membership suspended Unknow Unknow Unknow Unknow
Alisa Craig Republic 15 March 2020 20 March 2020 Membership suspended Unknow Unknow Unknow Unknow
Quadruplicate Dignitary of the United Settlers of the Citadel of Via Lactea 15 March 2020 20 March 2020 Left as official member 237 hectares Quad Farex AUD The Citadel Australian English
Republic of Aireland 15 September 2019 20 March 2020 Left as official member Unknow Pre-Decimal Irish Pound Unknow Irish, English
Antonian Empire 10 October 2019 20 March 2020 Left as official member Unknow Antonian Rica Halcyon City English, Russian
Kingdom of Walthari 20 November 2019 20 March 2020 Left as official member Unknow Unknow Unknow Unknow
Garden Republic of Sirland 13 December 2019 20 March 2020 Left as official member Unknow Gardehus Unknow Sirish, German, Russian
Kingdom of Brienia 15 March 2020 20 March 2020 Left as official member Unknow Unknow Unknow Unknow
Commonwealth of Ederlaand 16 March 2020 20 March 2020 Left as official member Unknow Unknow Unknow Unknow
Kingdom of Hyëçk 16 March 2020 26 December 2021 Left as official member 1 km² Hulko (¤) Caledonia English
Republic of Cosecha 16 March 2020 26 December 2021 Left as official member 1 km² Cosechan Hyëçk Crown (¢) and [w:Swiss Franc|Swiss Franc] (CHF) Pestìa English
Republic of Kerellia 16 March 2020 26 January 2022 Excluded for inactivity Unknow Unknow Unknow English
Federal Republic of New Potato Land 20 November 2019 26 January 2022 Excluded for inactivity 863561 sq. miles USD Draig Tatws, New Potato Land Federal: English, Welsh, Umoⁿhoⁿ
Kingdom of Hotonia 9 July 2020 26 January 2022 Excluded for inactivity N/A N/A N/A French
Earth's Kingdom 20 November 2019 29 January 2024 Left due to it-self dissolution Unknow Unknow Unknow Italian
Kingdom of Hurikano 9 July 2020 5 February 2024 Left due to it-self dissolution 2,000 Acre UMECO (Þ) Hurikano City English, and Gaelic

Projects from EMU

The Excerpt from Micronews Special Report

The Micronews

Micronews is an organisation, created and managed by the EMU. It's main goal is to inform citizens of European Micronational Union and other micronationalists about news, surrounding EMU, in english, to establish a new kind of space. Having free, independent news are one of the most important rights that basic democracy should have.

Micronews quickly became one of the most followed micronational news outlets on Instagram. Micronews were one of the first ever News organisations to open a group chat for Micronations, who could than share their news for Micronews, so creating an outlet for Micronational world-news.

Although the main task of Micronews was to give citizens news outlet for EMU news, it shares also informational content about Covid-19, protests etc..

The European Library of Freedom

Free independent Library, that acts as a new kind of shared co-operation, in creating and managing resources that EMU has. EMU created a new-free service that could distribute books to it's citizens.


There are 4 main institutions in European Micronational Union. They act independently to ensure the Work of The Union. The President is the only institution that is elected by the citizens of European Micronational Union. He then creates a cabinet, that Council needs to approve of. The main 2 branches work in accordance with each other.

Institutions of the European Micronational Union
Council of the European Micronational Union President of European Micronational Union Vice-President of European Micronational Union The Cabinet of European Micronational Union
Legislative Executive (government) Executive (government) Executive (government)
Digital infrastructure. Official Residence in Jailavera. Official Residence in Wachidia. Digital infrastructure.
The Council is the legislative branch of the Government of EMU. All legislations are passed by consensus. The Main coordinator of the Cabinet of The President. The President is the Executive branch of The Government. The second highest office in EMU, after The President. The Vice-President is the Executive branch of The Government. Consists of Secretaries or Ministers that oversee each of the main branch of the Government.