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New Ireland, full name: The Monarchy of New Ireland, is a landlocked micronation surrounded by Great Wakering (United Kingdom).

Name: The Monarchy of New Ireland

"New Ireland"

(November 2019-Present)

Land Size: 0.89km2



Capital City: New Cork

(Coutny Cork, Mainland)

Official Currency: Pre-decimal Irish Pound (PDIP)

Symbols: £, s, d

(£1= 20s or 240d

1s= 12d)

Unofficial Currencies: Decimalised Irish Pound (DIP)

Symbol: £

Subsidiary Symbol: p

Former names: Independent Republic of Wakering

(October 2018-January 2019)

Free People’s State of Wakering

(January 2019-October 2019)


(October 2019-November 2019)

Population: 8

(As of November 23rd 2019)

Government Type: Consulate Monarchy

(November 2019-Present)

Previous Government Types: Constitutional Monarchy

(October 2018-June 2019)

Absolute Monarchy

(June 2019-November 2019)

Current Leader: Robin Brown

(October 7th 2018-Present Day)

Flag of The Monarchy of New Ireland
Coat of Arms:
Coat of Arms of The Monarchy of New Ireland
Time Zones: County Cork

(GMT +12:00)

Mainland excluding County Cork





(GMT -3:30)

New Leinster


Holidays: January:

10th- New Year's Eve

11th - King's day

28th - Cycle day


23rd - Relationship day


7th- Independence day


11th- Remembrance day

21st- Foundation day

22nd- Memorial day


24th- Christmas Eve

25th- Christmas Day

Regions: •Mainland


•New Leinster


Counties: In Mainland Region:

•County Cork

In Marran Region:

•County Marran

In New Leinster Region:

•County Macroom

•County Dalkey

In Tántóár Region:

•County Tobston

•County Newblin

Major Cities: New Cork

(County Cork, Mainland)

New Killarney

(County Commonstown, Mainland)


(County Dalkey, New Leinster)


(County Newblin, Tántóár)


(County Marran, Marran)

National Heritage Sites Dalkey Island, Dalkey

(County Dalkey, New Leinster)

The Common, New Killarney

(County Commonstown, Mainland)

New Irish Dates, Time Zones and Currencies

Dates, and the New Irish Calendar:

There are 365 days in a year, all the same amount of days in a month as there are in the Gregorian Calendar & 7 days in a week.

This is a Gregorian example Vs the New Irish example:

Differences in Calendar system.
Gregorian New Irish
1st of January 2020 Fifty-One for 5 in 15

The only difference is that the New Irish calendar starts on the 11th of January (One for One) and Ends on the 10th of January (Fifty-Three for One).