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The Chancellorship of Essex
Rialtas na Essex (Irish)
Flag of Cosecha
Coat of arms of Cosecha
Coat of arms
Motto: Per tenebras oritur lux
(Through darkness rises the light)
Anthem: I Vow to Thee, My Country
CapitalGreat Wakering (State of Rochford)
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesIrish
No official state religion
• Chancellor
Robin Brown
• Prime Minister
• Deputy Prime Minister
LegislatureDirect Democracy
Chamber of Essex
House of Representatives
Establishment7th October 2018 (Known as Republic of Wakering)
• Total
25 km2 (9.7 sq mi)
• (as of 2023) census
5 Citizens
CurrencyEssaxon Crown (¢) and Euro (Clonfadda County)
Time zoneGMT (except Clonfadda County GMT-1)
Internet TLD.ex
Government Website [1]
This nation is a member of the EUA and UMEC. It is a founding member of the EMU; although is not presently a member.

The Chancellorship of Essex (commonly called Essex) is a micronation based in England, United Kingdom. Its territory can be found within the counties of Essex & Suffolk. It also has overseas territory in the Republic of Ireland, in County Cork.


National Territory

South Essex

The "Mainland Counties" region of Essex is a term used to broadly describe the jurisdiction of the States of Rochford and Barling. In South Essex you can find the Capital City: Great Wakering (in the State of Rochford) and Essex's only current coastline. It is also home to the uninhabited island of Rushley, designated a wildlife sanctuary in January 2023. The Barling Magna Nature Reserve can also be found in Barling State.

Mid Essex

Mid Essex consists of the State of Hanningfield, which is where the Hanningfield National Park can be found. In addition, other small, enclaved territories can be found scattered across the region.

North Essex

Corland State is a cluster of enclaved territories located in North Essex, comprised of the Nottage Territory, Great Notley Country Park, Wakes Colne and Chapel. They are all landlocked territories; Chapel is home to the East Anglian Railway Museum which shares platforms with the nation's only train station: Chapel & Wakes Colne Station (operated by Greater Anglia).

Clonfadda County

Clonfadda County is a standalone enclave within the Republic of Ireland; it is roughly 1km west of Macroom, County Cork, Ireland. It does not fall under any state authority and is given its own status as an autonomous region.

Currency and Economy

When the Nation was re-organised from its days as Cosecha, to its current form: Essex on the 12th January 2023, the banknotes that were in circulation were deemed unfit for use in the nation. As a result, the government issued an emergency measure which made the US Dollar the temporary national currency of Essex.

However, on the 26th of February 2023, Chancellor Brown released a statement regarding the future of the new Essaxon currency. He announced that the Crown would remain the national currency of the nation but be renamed to the Essaxon Crown. It was also made public that the exchange rate would be changed; as would the designs of the banknotes. The designs of the ¢5, ¢10 and ¢20 notes would remain the same, simply edited to reflect the country's change in name, government and coat of arms; all whilst the remaining designs: ¢1, ¢2, ¢50, ¢100 and ¢200 would be abandoned in favour of redesigning the ¢1 and ¢50 notes to fit the style of the pre-existing ¢5, ¢10 and ¢20 notes. It was also then revealed that there would be a new-style ¢100 and ¢200 banknote, which could both be in circulation as early as 2025.

As of 1st March 2023, there are no new designs to display, however there is crucial information available in the table below.

Name Value Obverse Reverse Circulation Notes
One Crown note 1/- (¢1.00) Not yet designed A new-style design for

the ¢1 noteis set to be

released some time

in early-mid 2023.

Circulating Originally issued by the

Bank of Cosecha, now the

National Reserve Bank of Essex,

these designs will be remade to

more accurately reflect Essex.

Five Crown note 5/- (¢5.00) 5 front.jpg 5 rear.jpg
Ten Crown note 10/- (¢10.00) 10 front.jpg 10 rear.jpg
Twenty Crown note 20/- (¢20.00) 20 front.jpg 20 rear 5 series.jpg Circulating Originally issued by the

Bank of Cosecha, now the

National Reserve Bank of Essex,

this design will be remade to

more accurately reflect Essex.

Fifty Crown note 50/- (¢50.00) Not yet designed A new-style design for the ¢50 note

is set to be released some time

in early-mid 2023.

One Hundred Crown note 100/- (¢100.00) Not yet designed A new-style design for the¢100 note

is set to be released some time

in 2025.

Two Hundred Crown note 200/- (¢200.00) Not yet designed A new-style design for the ¢50 note

is set to be released some time

in early-mid 2023/24.

European Badger
Eurasian Blue Tit
The Adder, the only venomous species in Essex
Fallow Deer are commonly found in Bocking County.

Climate and Wildlife

Climate and Temperature

Across Essex, the climate is relatively stable and is a temperate climate. The temperature can range from -5 degrees Celsius in the winter moths of January and February; the summer month of July tends to be the hottest month with a highest recorded temperature, set in July 2022, of 41 degrees Celsius.


Essex's precipitation is very sparse during the summer period (May, June, July & August) and is very heavy in the winter period (November, December, January & February). Clonfadda County experiences the most precipitation throughout the year due to its geographical location in comparison to the rest of Essex. It is situated on the Island of Ireland and is therefore 400 miles away from the capital city, Great Wakering.

Common Species

Essex has a small variety of different plants and animals that one can encounter during a trip to the country. The most commonly seen of which is, the Pigeon.

Other birds that can be found here are a variety of Tits, Swallows, Buzzards, Falcons and even the Robin Redbreast (which shares the same name as the Chancellor).

Holstein Frisian Cattle in a pasture.

Commonly found mammals in Essex range from Cattle, usually in pastures, to a wide variety of Horse breeds, Foxes, European badgers, and small Deer species.

Robin bird

Some amphibians include varied species of frogs and toads and the biggest reptile in the country (possibly the most dangerous) is the Adder, a medium-sized venomous snake.