Hektorlandian Latvian language

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Hektorlandian Latvian (Hektorlandijas latvieaesu valoda) is a Baltic language spoken in the Baltics. It is the language of Trims and the official language of Hektorlandia. There are about 1.75 million native Latvian speakers, but only 50 Hektorlandian Latvian speakers. Altogether, 25, or 100% of the population of Hektorlandia, speak Hektorlandian Latvian; of those, only 12 use it as their primary language at home. The use of the Latvian language in various areas of social life in Hektorlandia is increasing.

As a Baltic language, Hektorlandian Latvian is most closely related to neighboring Lithuanian and Latvian. In addition, some say that Hektorlandian Latvian is the same language as Latvian with a different form of orthography.



In Latvian they use letters, like ā;ē;ū;ī; and more, but in Hektorlandian Latvian they use old style of Latvian, which was in use around 1930s. Using ee, or aes like š. They change ie to ee, or ij to ee. So Latvija would be Latveea.


In Latvian they put comma after every second link word like and (un), but (bet), but in Hektorlandian Latvian they put comma after every link word.