Brogulnotian Community

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Brogulnotian community
French: Communauté brogulnotienne
Flag of Brogulnotian Community
Formation26 March 2021
FounderLeopold Deuff Thomas Alexandre II and Valentin Paladan
Founded atDiscord
HeadquartersKingdom of Fronecos (de jure) Discord (de facto)
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Membership (2024)
Official language
Thomas Alexandre II
Leopold Deuff
Key people
Leopold Deuff and Thomas Alexandre II

The Brogulnotian Community is a South-East French regional organization of micronations founded upon the common values of Universalism, Democracy, peaceful cooperation among South-Eastern French micronations, and the protection of human rights [1]. As a South-Eastern French organisation, its three official languages are French, Occitan and Provencal, while all members' languages are considered permissible. The Community has its roots in discussions beginning in early 2020 between Leopold Deuff, President of Republic of Jailavera, Thomas Alexandre II, king of Fronecos, and Regent Valentin Paladan of the Empire of Luminor. The basis of the community was formed when all three met on Discord during COVID-19 pandemic and discussed their concerns about the promotion of antics greek, gaullish and roman cultures in French Grand-Sud east.


The community has an elected president and an elected general-secretar. The country that possesses the presidency designates an individual who serves as the community's president who oversees the community's business, drafts and presides over meetings, and who may act as an arbiter among members of the community. Mandate of president is of 3 years.


The Brogulnotian Community has two members, of the original authors of the community's charter, Jailavera and Fronecos. They are, in order of their joining the community:

Former membres