List of political parties and coalitions in Jailavera

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This list is about the current political parties of Republic of Jailavera only and not the former parties.

Principal positions

Fonction Left-wing to Center Center to Right-wing Others and Independents (in french "Indépendants et sans étiquette)
President of Republic/1 1 - -
Vice-president/1 - 1 -
Ministers/2 1 1 -
Deputies/9 3 1 6
Prefets/6 2 1 3

Representation in Convention of Republic

Name Emblem Leaders Position Seat in Agora
Democrat Socialist Party (Jailavera) (in french "Parti démocrate socialiste")
Sean O'Sullivan, as President,
Leopold Deuff as Vice-president
Left-wing Republicanism Socialism

Internal Tendencies


Democratic Socialism


2 / 9
Patriot Union - Jaïlavera (in french "Union patriote - Jaïlavera")
Thomas Bernard as President
Right-wing RepublicanismPatriotism
1 / 9
Independent citizens - None Syncrethysm
6 / 9

Major Political parties

From Far Left to Left wing

  • Unified Socialist Party (PSU), founded in 2022 by Leopold Deuff

Minor Political parties

Concordia(from Center to Right)

  • Patriot Democratic Union (in french Union Patriote Démocratique), founded in 2023 by Thomas Bernard

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