Jailaverian franc

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Jailaverian franc
Première série billets franc jaïlaveran.png
Official usersJailavera flag 2020.png Republic of Jailavera
Unofficial usersKingdom of Fronecos and Democratic Republic of Fiera
Pegged to1 ₣ = 0.30 €
Central bankBank of Jailavera

The Jailaverian franc (ISO 4217 JF) is the national currency of Republic of Jailavera. It was introduced on the 7th August 2020, replacing the Jailavey franc. The Jailaverian franc is a fully paper currency, and the Bank of Jailaverian issues banknotes and coins and all transactions in hard currency are done using the euro.

The Jailavey franc ([fran],;ISO 4217 JVF) was the currency of Jailavera from 2019 to 2020.

Preceded by: Currency of Jailavera flag 2020.png Jailavera Succeded by: [[File:{{{image}}}|30x30px]]
Jailavey Franc 2020 - present Incumbent

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