Republic of Fiera

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Republic of Fiera
Fiera flag.png
Proposition embleme Fiera 15.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Advancing, Sharing, Fraternizing
Anthem: Erlkönig (speechless)
CapitalNo Capital
Largest cityHas no territory or city.
Official languagesFrench
• President
Zakuma DIEM
• Prime Minister
• President of Assembly
• President of Constitutional Council
LegislatureMicronational Assembly
• Latest estimate census
Time zone(UTC+1)
The Republic of Fiera is part of the Organization of United Francophone Micronations

The Republic of Fiera, which can be abbreviated as Fiera, is a micronation with no claimed territory, however by its texts an immaterial territory is declared, that of the Discord Server of the Republic of Fiera.

According to the founder of this republic, Mr. DELACROIX, the Republic was founded to discover, experiment and interest its citizens in politics.

The President is the highest function of the Republic, he is voted by the citizens of this micronation.


The Republic of Fiera was founded in the spring of 2019 as the "Democratic Republic of Fiera". Its founders Julian Marie and André Delacroix proclaim themselves president and prime minister of the country. Fiera was at the time a nation that wanted to be both democratic and communist. The Citizens' Assembly was founded a month later, at that time political parties did not exist and all citizens were free to come and vote.

It was in January 2020 that the Democratic Republic of Fiera entered a dark age following the resignation of Prime Minister Julian Marie. He is nevertheless made an honorary citizen following the help he has given to the nation and its people. Following this, the Democratic Republic of Fiera was ruled solely by President André Delacroix. It was at the end of 2020 that he announced the end of the Democratic Republic of Fiera and proclaimed the Republic of Fiera. Following this, the country radically changed and abandoned its old ideology which wanted to be a liberal communism to become fully democratic. The constitution was rewritten and the Citizens' Assembly reorganized. It was in the spring of 2021 that the first parties appeared, the Fieren Communist Party (PCF) and the Guaca Party (Guaca). The form of government also changed and André Delacroix resigned to become the constitutional leader. As a result, the function of president disappears within the Republic and is definitively replaced by the function of Prime Minister. Elections were held in April 2021 and Mattias Hoffmann of the party En Avant! (Party now defunct) became the very first elected Prime Minister of the Republic of Fiera.

The first recognition treaties are quickly signed with other micronations and embassies are created. However, following a diplomatic incident which remains quite vague until today between the Kingdom of Bordan and the Republic of Fiera, the war broke out on May 31, 2021 following an ultimatum from Bordan and ended on August 27, 2021 with a peace. White.

The Kingdom of Fronecos witnessed the signing of the peace treaty between the two countries. However, relations between the Kingdom of Bordan and the Republic of Fiera remain strained to this day.

While tensions reigned internationally, Prime Minister Fman de Floman kept the country in a prolonged hibernation accentuated by the period.

At the beginning of September, the elections designate Ugo Cuvilier as Prime Minister. He will finally leave his post only two weeks after the election without great achievements but with an event that launches a new period for Fiera after the appointment of Zakuma Diem Minister of Communication and Activity.

Elections will be organized shortly after which will see a victory for Stephan Rottmann of the now deposed National Victory Party, after a week and two dismissal procedures, he is unanimously dismissed by the Citizens' Assembly, he will still leave his post after the elections following his agreement with the de facto head of state of the Micronation André Delacroix who will also win the elections. After the impeachment of Stephan Rottmann, his party would be dissolved after talks for a merger with the Parti Guaca failed while meanwhile the largest party in terms of membership, the Workers' Party of Fiera, took a step forward in absorbing the Communist Party, figure of the extreme left of Fiera.

New changes will also upset the Republic with the reinstatement of the title of President for the Head of State and who will see his mandate reduced from 3 months to 2 months. It was also at this time that Julian Marie, one of the founders of Fiera, made his return to the political scene of the country. He founded the Founder Party, a party to the right of Fiera's political spectrum that grew in popularity, beginning to compete with the Workers' Party. This competition led to numerous clashes between the communists and the pro Founder Party militants, these created instability, in the evening the clashes began to diminish, President Dorian Skin then decided to bring together the Micronational Assembly.

In July, the Workers' Party became the Party of Social Progress

Policy and Governance

Fiera is a micronation that wants to be democratic and republican.

It has a constitutional guarantor supported by a Constitutional Council which serves to verify that everything that is done within the Republic scrupulously respects the Constitution, a president elected by the people, a prime minister who manages the ministries and the ministers of the government.

For the legislature, Fiera has the citizens' assembly which must have at least 10 deputies to exist.

Law and Order

Within the Republic, no police force exists to keep internal security, however a force called "STAFF" has been put in place. However, their roles are not clearly specified by law or the constitution.

Political training

Table of political parties
Nom du parti Date de création Chef de Parti Positionnement Nombre de membre
Parti du progrès Social

(en) Party of Social Progress

Around September 2021 Zakuma Diem Center 5
Logo Action Citoyenne.png
Action citoyenne

(en) Citizen Action

18 March 2022 Dorian SKIN Any political edge 2
Parti National Démocrate.png

(en) National-Democrat

16 June 2022, then dissolved

Recreated on 20 June 2022

Revolution ORROCHI (cybercriminal in Republic of Fiera) Center Left to Far Right 3
Union des Patriotes

(en) Union of Patriots

20 January 2022 Julian MARIE Right to Far Right 6

Foreign Relationship

The Republic of Fiera maintains relations with foreign micronations, however most of these are French.

Foreign micronations that have agreed to mutual recognition:


The Republic of Fiera does not have an Army, despite candidate promises of setting up one. However, it has an intelligence service called SRF or Fierien Intelligence Services, whose primary objective is to protect the Republic against external but also internal threats.

Under the Skin I government (of Dorian Skin), a reflection was requested by the President of the Republic, concerning the creation of a National Guard.

Heads of State

Commencement du mandat Poste Titulaire Commentaire
Spring 2019 President 1 André Delacroix First President of the Democratic Republic of Fiera.

January 2020 Prime Minister Julian Marie announces his resignation.

Late 2020: The Republic of Fiera is proclaimed.

9 Mars 2021 Prime Minister 2 Léopold Deuff He is the second Prime Minister since the first was Julian Marie.

Léopold will contribute to the first influence of the Republic on the micronational scene. However, the Government remains inactive in the face of the lack of citizens.

8 April 2021 Prime Minister 3 Mattias Hoffmann Mattias will be seen by many as the democratically elected Prime Minister.

He resigned on 29 April with a resignation.

29 April 2021 Interim 1 André Delacroix In view of the status of Constitutional Leader, André Delacroix replaces the Prime Minister, and this on an interim basis until the next elections.
1 Mai 2021 Prime Minister 4 Ivan Passeroi He resigns on May 26, 2021 by resigning by leaving the server.
26 Mai 2021 Interim 2 André Delacroix In view of the status of Constitutional Leader, André Delacroix replaces the Prime Minister, and this on an interim basis until the next elections.
30 Mai 2021 Prime Minister 5 Côme It will last from 7:01 a.m. to 12:31 p.m. in power before the Citizens' Assembly validates the proposal of the Constitutional Leader to dismiss the Prime Minister.

Reason given by the Constitutional Leader: Authoritarian and Threatening micronational interests.

He was fired the same day.

30 Mai 2021

(à 12h31)

Interim 3 André Delacroix In view of the status of Constitutional Leader, André Delacroix replaces the Prime Minister, and this on an interim basis until the next elections.
2 June 2021 Prime Minister 6 Viencent-Jo Kovaks He resigned on 13 June 2021 with a resignation.
13 June 2021 Interim 4 André Delacroix In view of the status of Constitutional Leader, André Delacroix replaces the Prime Minister, and this on an interim basis until the next elections.
16 June 2021 Prime Minister 7 Fman D.FLOMAN His mandate will be marked by multiple departures from ministries.

He is the only Prime Minister not to have given up his post and having been democratically elected.

16 September 2021 Prime Minister 8 Ugo Cuvillier The 1st speech delivered will be concerning a procedure against him the same day for a dismissal, this one will not succeed.

Fman D.Floman will try to set up TV Fiera with the help of Ugo Cuvillier, before the latter sees the light of day only partially.

He resigns on 27 September 2021 by a resignation by leaving the server, his resignation will be noticed by a blocking of the main channels of communication with him with the majority of the institutions of the Republic.

4 October 2021 Prime Minister 9 Stephan Rottmann The Constitutional Leader, André Delacroix, sets up a dismissal procedure, which is validated by 87.5% at the Citizens' Assembly.

However, the Constitutional Leader leaves him the role of Prime Minister on a symbolic basis until the next elections.

He was dismissed on October 16, 2021 but kept his titles symbolically until the next elections.

19 October 2021 Prime Minister 10 André Delacroix The Prime Minister faces in his first hours after being elected, a wave of misinformation from the former Prime Minister, Stephan Rottmann and a former minister named Ange Ledain.

The mandate will be marked in particular by an overhaul of the laws and the constitution.

19 January 2022 President

(Government Skin I )

2 Dorian Skin Mandate of 2 months and not more than 3 months.

The Prime Minister was Alban List

2 April 2022 President 3 Dorian Skin The President of the Republic was re-elected by 71.4% of the 28% voting to renew his mandate.
7 July President 4 Rocco Venti Elected with 78.6% of voters (50% of the population). President Venti promises a constitutional change in depth and on all themes.
9 October President 4 Zakuma Diem Zakuma Diem become President of the Republic of Fiera the 19. October 2022

Micronational Assembly

Decree relating to the Micronational Assembly and its mode of operation.(This one is in French since it is the official language, found the translation "here")

The Micronational assembly is one of the governmental organizations voting the laws, it was called like this under the proposal of the President Dorian Skin still deputy at that time.

The Micronational Assembly is governed by the Constitution of Fiera, however under the presidency of Dorian Skin, a decree appeared to delimit its mode of operation, since President Dorian Skin considers the operation of this one "belligerent" and "[ incompatible] with Fiera's democratic system."


The name of the currency has been declared as the "Franc Fierians" however its implementation has never been done.

Several candidates announce its establishment under their presidencies. Case to follow.

Culture and media

Fiera has one official language: French. English was an official language, but it was suppressed due to the vast majority of French-speaking citizens. Fiera has no official media other than the constitutional leader, and the incumbent government giving the news in Discord.

Under the Skin I government (of Dorian Skin), the creation of a national anthem was requested, and a reflection of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports concerning the improvement of the site of the Republic.

Miscellaneous facts

During Dorian Skin's Presidency, the President will not use the official motto of Fiera (Advance, Share, Fraternize) in his communiqués, but will replace it with the motto: Democracy, Freedom, Strength.

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