Government of Fiera Skin I

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The Skin I Government was put in place on 20 January 2022, as is tradition, by presidential decree.

The current government could not be in place in the Republic of Fiera (français/french : République de Fiera)

Government of Fiera Skin I
6 ministry of Republic of Fiera

Date formed 20 January 2022
People and organizations
Head of government Alban LIST (Prime Minister)
Head of state Dorian SKIN (President)
No. of ministers 5 (with the Prime Minister)
Ministers removed
Total no. of ministers 5
Status in legislature Active


The President has the following powers:

- Appointed/removed the government and managed the establishment of Ministries

- Promulgate decrees

- Dissolve the Assembly

The President is the Head of State of the Republic, he draws the main lines.

Job Incumbent Party Comment
President of the Republic of Fiera Dorian Skin Parti des Travailleurs (Workers' Party) However, he will want to be President of the citizens and not of the political party to which he belongs.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister manages the government.

According to the decree relating to the appointment of the Prime Minister, posted under the President of the Republic, the powers of the latter are:

- Proposed a Minister to the President of the Republic

- Coordinated the government and set up the presidential program

- Replace the President in case of unavailability

- Inform the President of new laws and new regulations of the micronation.

- Dismissed a Minister

Job Incumbent Party Comment
Prime Minister of the Republic of Fiera Alban List Independent, no political party
Vacant The Prime Minister to leave the Republic of Fiera and consequently also left his post


Ministers are here to represent the country in a particular area, but also to develop that area.

The President is counting on them in particular to develop each sector of the country.

According to the latest decrees and change of name of the Ministries, there are 5.

Divided as follows:

Job Incumbent Party Comment
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Fiera No person selected for this position
Minister of Defense of the Republic of Fiera Julian Marie Parti Fondateur

(Founding Party)

He was mandated to protect the Republic from external threats (such as espionage for example) but also from internal threats (such as coup attempts).
Minister of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Fiera Stephan Rottmann Parti Renaissance

(Renaissance Party)

He was mandated for the creation of the currency of Fiera and its implementation.

He was dismissed from his Ministry on 09/02/2022, without leaving it, however he could not have any rights over it and is in it symbolically.

The Minister was reactivated on 4 March 2022

Parti Fondateur

(Founding Party)

Following a merger

Minister of Education, Culture, and Sports of the Republic of Fiera Florent Moreti Parti Fondateur

(Founding Party)

He was mandated to implement culture, education and sport. According to the presidential program, education should do this in the form of free access to the history of Fiera, culture by highlighting the artists of the Republic, and sport by setting up a micro-national sport.
Vacant The Minister was dismissed from the government for absenteeism and inactivity within the government.
Minister of Interior, Justice and Communication of the Republic of Fiera Zakuma Diem Parti des Travailleurs (Workers' Party) He was mandated to implement the presidential program, which notably requires the creation of several codes at the level of magistrates and many other things.

Discord Server

The President of the Republic, Dorian Skin, remade following an exceptional referendum, the discord of the Republic of Fiera.

According to the first reports on the discussions of the discord server.

"I prefer the new Fiera display chosen by Dorian" -Stephan Rottmann, 24/01/2022

"It's cleaner" - Côme, 24/01/2022


The first reflections have started in the Skin Government, the Ministry of Economy and the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic, are thinking about its implementation in the coming days.