List of heads of state of Jailavera

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1)President of Avatic Republic of Valdstein: 17457951_261952920926806_6780903411460362596_n

Léopold L.J DEUFF (°1995-) P.C.F

23 april to 18 june 2017

2)President of Republic of Jailavera: 17457951_261952920926806_6780903411460362596_n Leopold L.J DEUFF (°1995-) P.C.F 18 june to 11 december 2017

3)Honrifical President of Republic of Jailavera(de jure): 24955688_313365669169541_849183270856453734_o Gudule (felis sylvestris catus) (°2016-) Independent

11 december 2017 to 13 march 2020

4)Minister-president of Jailavera (de facto):


Leopold DEUFF (°1995-) P.C.F/L.C.J 11 december 2017 to 13 march 2020

5)President of Republic of Jailavera:

photo Léopold L.J DEUFF (°1995-) P.C.F/L.C.J In course Since 13 march 2020