History of Jailavera

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Origins and foundation of Jailavera

From foundation of Jailavera to beginning of diplomacy

The Republic of Jailavera was founded the 18th June 2017. The origins of Jailavera come from a former project of micronation, called the Avatic Republic of Valdstein ("République avatique du Valdstein" in french), founded on March 16th, 2017 by Leopold Deuff, wich was a transitional micronation between an other former project of micronation, the Avatic Soviet Socialist Republic of Tholon ("République socialiste soviétique avatique de Tholon" in french), communist micronation wich had diplomatic relationships with the Socialist Republic of Luminy ("République socialiste de Luminy" in french) and the actual Republic of Jailavera. The jailaveran diplomacy begin on 3 September 2017, with the foundation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Governement Leopold Deuff I.

From beginning of diplomacy to COVID-19 Crisis

The end of 2017 year is marked by On 11 December 2017, Leopold Deuff resign of the function of President of Republic of Jailavera, self named as Minister-President of Jailavera, and is succeded by his cat, Gudule Deuff, as Honorifical President of Republic of Jailavera. The year 2018 is marked by the demission of Romain Delerin of the function of Minister of Magic and Geek Culture,the demission of Hector Sintes of the function of Minister of Defence, and the demission of Remi Massemin of the function of Minister of Agriculture.

Processing and COVID-19 Crisis

Before COVID-19 Crisis

From 2019 to 2020, Jailavera was member of the Union of Republics of Veyssannia and Jailavera ("Union des Républiques de Veyssannie et Jaïlavera" in french), with Leopold Deuff as President of the Union, and from 27th July 2020 to 1st August 2020, Jailavera was member of the Economical and Customs Jailavey Union ("Union économique et douanière Jaïlavey" in french). On the 5th of August 2020, is proclaimed the Autonomous Jailaverian Province of Veyssannia ("Province autonome jaïlaveranne de Veyssannie" in french), Autonomous Province of Theline (in french "Province autonome de Théliné") on August 31st, 2020, Autonomous Province of Jezicosiumia (in french "Province autonome de Jézicosiumie") and Autonomous Province of Allobroges (in french "Province autonome des Allobroges") on September 5th, 2020 and Province Condominum of Port-aux-Français (in french "Province condominium de Port-aux-Français") on September 26th 2020.

Since COVID-19 Crisis

About the COVID-19 Crisis, the governement of Republic of Veyssannia was in exile in Republic of Jailavera during the first lockdown from March 17th to June 14th and the administrative activities were practicied on line for Republic of Jailavera, Republic of Veyssannia and Union of Republics of Veyssannia and Jailavera and since the second lockdown, administrative activities were practicied on line again in Jailavera. Since December 6th, 2020, the Republic of Jailavera is member of MicroFrancophonie. During year 2020, the Republic of Jailavera opened her diplomacy to other micronations, like State of Sandus and Unbowed Republic of Europa, and intermicronational organisations, like MicroFrancophonie, with a neutral position about micronational conflict since the first lockdown.