Republic of Veyssannia

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Republic of Veyssannia
République de Veyssannie(French)
Motto: Lou tems passo passo lou ben
Anthem: Nothing (de jure)
Official languagesFrench, Esperanto, Occitan
Demonym(s)Veyssannian ( in french)
Leopold Deuff
• President of Council of Ministers
Guy Faure
• (as of 2017 census) census
CurrencyAvatic Dirna (Dirna avatique in french)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
File:Flag of Veyssannia.jpg Socialist Federative Republic of Veyssannia
Republic of Jailavera [[File:|20px|border|link=|alt=]]

Veyssannia (in French Veyssannie), officially the Republic of Veyssannia (in French République de Veyssannie), was a micronation founded on the 23th of March 2016 by Leopold Deuff, wich claims de facto a house in Montjoux. Its goals was to become the "Drome's Saugeais" as touristic micronation.


The name Veyssannia come from the river "Veyssanna"(in French Veyssanne), in Montjoux, and the suffixe "-ia".


Origins and foundation of Republic of Veyssannia

The Republic of Veyssannia was founded the 23th of March 2016, on Montjoux by the founder president, as the successor of former Socialist Federative Republic of Veyssannia.

Politics and government

Main articles: List of heads of state of Jailavera, List of governements of Jailavera, List of legislatures of Jailavera and List of political parties of Jailavera The president of the Republic was Leopold Deuff.


There was no governement and the President was the only leader of Veyssannia


De facto there haven't got any legislature in Republic of Veyssannia

Law and order

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Gouvernemental decrees act as laws.

Foreign policy

Main articles: Foreign relations of Jailavera

From 2019 to 2020, Veyssannia was member of the Union of Republics of Veyssannia and Jailavera ("Union des Républiques de Veyssannie et Jaïlavera" in french).


De facto there haven't got any army in Republic of Veyssannia


The territorial claims consists in:

-Two houses and two agricoles acres in Montjoux, as the Autonomous Jailaverian Province of Veyssannia ("Province autonome jaïlaveranne de Veyssannie" in french).

Culture and Medias

there haven't got any medias in Republic of Veyssannia, except a facebook page.


Date English Name French Name Esperanto Name Remarks
March 23 Day of Republic Jour de la République Respublika Tagon Celebration of foundation of the Republic
From 8 to 9 Mai Days of Victory 1945 Journées de la Victoire 1945 Tagoj de la Victorio 1945 Celebration of Victory against Fascism in World War 2


1De facto "Jailavera avec fin'amor sur ses terres", "The Internationale" and "La Espero"

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