Jailaverian Communist Party

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Jailaverian Communist Party
Parti communiste jaïlaveran (French)
Jailaverana komunista partio (Esperanto)
LeaderLeopold Deuff
SloganWorkers of all lands unite!
AnthemThe International
Founded8 March 2021
Merger ofJailaverian Communist League
Newspaper[L'Etincelle de la Vérité]
Youth wingJailaverian Youngs Communists ( in french Jeunes communistes jaïlaverans)
Council communism
Worker democracy
Communist synthesis
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationUnified Socialist Front
International affiliationIntermicronational Socialist Forum (de jure) None (de facto)
Official coloursRed, gold
Party flag
Drapeau Ligue communiste jailaveranne.png

The Jailaverian Communist Party (in french Parti communiste jaïlaveran) is the major party of Jailavera. Leopold Deuff has served as Party Secretary since 8 March 2021.

The JCP promote Communism, Worker democracy, and Communist synthesis. The party promote centrally-planned and cooperative economics.


Fondation and origins

The Jailaverian Communist Party was founded on 8 March 2021, International Day of fight for Women's rights. Its origins go back to League of Equals of Jailavera (in french "Ligue des égaux du Jaïlavera"). It's the successor of Jailaverian Communist League.

First years

The Jailaverian Communist Party began its activities with a tribute to the International Day of fight for Women's rights.

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