Med-Evil Ghost

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Med-Evil Ghost is a New Eiffelic supernatural horror film produced by Z&jProductions and released on 8 May 2019.

A sequel, Med-Evil Ghost II, was released on 23 May 2019. A third instalment to the franchise, Med-Evil Ghost: Curse Broken was released on 11 November of the same year.


The film starts in England in the year 1318. A person (Med-Evil Ghost when he was still alive) runs up a tower with a crossbow to defend against an attack. He gets shot and dies. The camera zooms in to his body and cuts to an old and broken grave. It is now 2018, the year which the film is set in. Two teenagers are then seen walking near the area, one of them has a spray can. They have the intention of vandalising the park they are in, since it is night and the park is closed. One of the teenagers then walks over to the old broken grave, and begins destroying it further by knocking over the old stones the grave is made of. The other teenager notices a wooden gravestone which reads "If you disturb this grave, a fearful curse will be brought upon you." They both laugh, and continue vandalising it with spray paint. The other teenager gets worried they might get caught for their actions. The other teenager then tells him to "...stop being such a baby", and is mysterious dragged away into a dark place. The other teenager runs away, and then Med-Evil Ghost emerges from the dark place. He then comments on how different the place looks. It then skips to 1 year later. The teenager who ran away is seen sitting on his bed listening to dubstep music. His mother comes in and reminds him he is meeting with his friends on the 1 year anniversary of the mysterious disappearance of his friend. When he shows up, his friends start arguing about how late he is. He then gives a speech and tells everyone to stop arguing, and instead to honour their friend who mysteriously disappeared. They then start checking out the park, and admiring the view. One of their friends, Josh, wonders of to a shed, when he hears someone knocking on the door. He asks who's there, and opens the shed door. Med-Evil Ghost is seen standing there and replies "Death!" Then shoots a crossbow arrow into the camera. The group of friends notices Josh is missing, and goes looking for him. The group of friends are then shocked when they find Josh laying dead on the floor with a crossbow arrow in his eye. One of the friends, Ben, runs away, and finds a crossbow on the floor. Med-Evil Ghost is invisible and starts pointing the crossbow Ben picked up onto his face. Med-Evil Ghost then appears and says in an offensive Irish accent "Stealin' my crossbow have ya?" And shoots the arrow into Ben's neck. Bed is then seen laying dead on the floor, with an arm missing then Med-Evil Ghost took off. The two other friends are seen sitting by each other, when one of them runs away, leaving the other left. She trips while running, and Med-Evil Ghost runs towards her with his crossbow. She then grabs a glass bottle and slaps Med-Evil Ghost in the face, causing him to fall over. She continues to run but then gets shot by Med-Evil Ghost and dies. The main antagonist then finds Ben's dead body. Med-Evil Ghost then appears, and licks Ben's severed hand. The main antagonist then starts running. He finds a crossbow and shoots Med-Evil Ghost. Med-Evil Ghost falls to the ground, pretending to die, but then gets back up while the main antagonist successfully runs away. The film ends with a shoot of Med-Evil Ghost's face as he proclaims he’ll get him next time.






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