The best soup Opera ever made

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The best soup Opera ever made
Genre Comedy-drama
Created by Zabëlle Skye
Written by Zabëlle Skye
Starring Zabëlle Skye, Janus Smith
Music by Friedrich Habetler
Blonde Redhead
Country of origin New Eiffel
Language English
Theme music "For the Damaged Coda"
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 8
Classification AA (ONERB)
Production company ZEDTV
Running time <5 minutes
Filming Location(s) New Leeds
Colour Colour
Released 25 October–3 November 2018.

The best soup Opera ever made is a New Eiffelic comedy-drama web-series which is a parody of modern soap operas. The show was developed by ZEDTV, and has eight episodes. The show has had one season, and another has been announced to be in production. The first episode was released on 25 October 2018, and the last episode was released on 3 November 2018. The show parodies the frequent melodrama and unrealistic scenarios of most soap operas. One of these examples is the plot mainly focuses on a kid with a heavy RuneScape addiction, who spends thousands of dollars on RuneScape every week – this eventually ends-up making his mother go bankrupt.


Season 1

The story follows the Herd household. Tom Herd, the child of Samatha Herd, has a heavy RuneScape addiction. Samatha walks into Tom's room and tells him she lost her job from the hospital. After comforting Tom, she has to sort things out with the bank, since she is three months behind payment. She notes that Tom spends thousands of dollars a week on RuneScape, and that she tried to stop Tom but Tom reacted violently and hit her. The bank agrees to give her two more months to pay. It is later revealed that Tom was been forced to spend thousands of dollars on RuneScape against his will just to buy rare items for a bully named "xXRuneScapeMaster69AdminXx" (real name Brad) who has been threatening to unfriend Tom in-game in order for Tom to lose all of his popularity. A modern stereotypical Indian scammer hacks into Brad's account and takes all of his items. It is later revealed that the Indian does not want to be a scammer, and wants to be a doctor instead, and later unsuccessfully tries to retaliate against his boss. Brad blames Tom for taking all his items, since Tom has the password to his account. Brad confronts Tom and ends up chasing him after Tom tries to run. Tom runs into a dead end, and accidentally pushes Brad into a wall; knocking him unconscious. Tom calls an ambulance, and takes him to the hospital. The next day, Samatha has gotten a new job as a children's party entertainer, but before she could get to her first job, the hospital calls her asking her to come to the hospital. The hospital also calls Brad's dad. Meanwhile the Indian manages to escape the scamming complex called Scamco. Tom ends up having to pay for Brad's medical bills, and Samatha gets fired from her new job. Tom eventually runs away after not being able to afford paying for the bills. Samatha answers the door of her house after an Asian food deliverer accidentally went to the wrong house. Samatha says racist slurs to the Asian, and the Asian kills her with a katana.


All characters are played by either Zabëlle or Janus Smith.


  • Tom John Doe Herd
  • Samantha Herd
  • xXRuneScapeMaster69AdminXx (Brad Jeffery Solomon)
  • Indian (Raj Ishaan Kumar)
  • Brad's Dad (Mr. Solomon)


  • Bank manger
  • Scamco CEO (Raj Vihaan Fraud)
  • Nurse (Ms. Brightnurse)
  • Asian Murderer


Episode 1: Pilot

Episode 2: Sadness

Episode 3: Scammed

Episode 4: Conflict

Episode 5: Damaged

Episode 6: Hospitalised

Episode 7: Regret

Episode 8: Surprise


The theme song for the show is "For the Damaged Coda" by the American alternative rock band Blonde Redhead, as the song is well-known for its depressing melody. The show features a number of stereotypical piano soup opera songs.

Track list

  • Blonde Redhead - "For the Damaged Coda"
  • Friedrich Habetler - "You Say Run"

Among these, two songs used in the show are both royalty free music provided by the YouTube editor studio.


Season 2

Filming for Season 2's opening scenes took place between 10–24 November 2018, only a few days after the first season ended. Season 2 will follow the aftermath of Samatha's death and how Tom will have to cope through his depression as he seeks revenge.

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