Fauna of New Eiffel

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Located in the Palearctic realm, the fauna of New Eiffel is similar to that of London's. Due to the small size of New Eiffel it has very view and only small mammals, and most mammals which have been spotted in New Eiffel enter temporarily from over the border.

The fauna of New Eiffel is also very diverse since its landscapes are very different from each other and so this is represented in the flora and fauna.


The Natural History Society of New Eiffel claims that New Eiffel has over 25 species of moth and more than 30 kinds of spider. However, this number has been disputed. New Eiffel has also observed some species of bee, beetle, butterfly and dragonfly. Wasps are common in the surrounding area of London during the summer, however they do not appear to arrive in New Eiffel.



A common frog (Rana temporaria) was spotted in New Eiffel in late 2020.


New Eiffel occasionally sees red foxes entering across the border, as well as a dog owned by New Eiffel's neighbours in the UK. New Eiffel is home to two domesticated cats and a dog, as well as occasionally the cat Ralph who is the only animal that has been banned from entering into New Eiffel. Another three to five cats are estimated to cross into New Eiffel every year. The following are pets which have been named:


  • The Royal Cat, supposedly a crossbreed with a tabby
  • Mango, supposedly a ginger tabby
  • Ralph, likely a Norwegian Forest cat; temporary, known for being the only animal to be banned within New Eiffel
  • Hugo, unknown; deceased