Surreal in tempore

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Surreal in tempore is a subgenre of New Eiffelic surrealism which features a time loop; but unlike a majority of time loop films where characters experience the same period of time which is repeatedly resetting when a certain condition is met (i.e. the death of a character or when a clock reaches a certain time), a character is presented with two options; a "good" and a "bad" option, usually to escape death, and does the "bad" option first, usually resulting in death, than time resets – with the character retaining no memory of the previous event – and he does the "good" option. An example of this from Dimensions: Choices: the protagonist can pick between hiding in a room or running upstairs to escape a wendigo; he hides in the room and it is suggested he is eaten. The second time he is in the same scenario, he chooses to run upstairs, and is than presented with another "good" and "bad" option, eventually until the end of the film when he escapes.

Name origin

"In tempore" is a Latin phrase meaning "in time", referencing the time loops. Being a subgenre of surrealism the prefix 'Surreal' was added. The term was coined by Zabëlle Skye on 23 January 2020.

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